Green Recruiting

In Search of the Chief Sustainability Officer

In Search of the Chief Sustainability Officer

There has been an increase in senior-level corporate positions—those with VP and Director titles in the CSR and sustainability sector. Companies are placing an increased value on CSR as a component of corporate strategy, which elevates the importance of positions overseeing CSR. The emergence of the CSO title is indicative of the growing trend of sustainability as a core business strategy.“CSO” is a title that senior-most CSR executives will increasingly carry.

Environmental and Sustainabilty Departments are Growing

A recent GreenBiz survey of more than 600 companies found that these organizations are increasing their hiring of environmental and sustainability professionals. Environmental, health and safety (EHS) departments at large corporations are also increasing spending. These trends are potential indicators that the green economy may be outpacing indicators of the overall recovery.

Renewable Energy Firms Strike Gold with Green Employee Benefits

All things being equal, if a potential employer paid for your time away from the office to volunteer for an earth-friendly cause or provided you with free compact fluorescent light bulbs and an energy audit of your home, or even a hybrid car, would you be more inclined to join them? Leading by example, renewable energy firms are developing “green” or environmentally friendly employee benefits that align the core values of a CEO and culture of their organization with the core values of each employee.

Renewable Energy Recruitment Survey & Renewable Energy Recruitment Awards Announced

Renewable Energy Jobs recently announced that it is launching the first Global Renewable Energy Recruitment Channel Survey. Their global survey will explore current and future trends in job seeker behavior and analyze the effectiveness and popularity of various recruitment channels used across the renewable energy industry and around the world. They feel that the results should benefit everyone involved in the industry, particularly both corporate and agency recruiters keen to ensure that they are utilising an effective mix of marketing resources, and projecting the right messages, enabling them to engage with job seekers on the right level. They will present their findings in October 2009.

Executive Leadership Needed as Renewable Energy Firms Tackle Challenging Times

In these challenging economic times, with seemingly thousands of unemployed or underemployed professionals available as candidates, you might think that renewable energy and clean tech leaders would be having a field day attracting and choosing leadership and professional candidates at will. But while many talented professionals from all walks of life are interested in landing a role in the clean tech industry, firms need to be sure that they select the right people for the job. Attracting the right talent to an organization is considered half art, half science and it is accomplished with a lot of hard work and occasionally a bit of luck and good fortune. And one way to help firms get out there is through positive press announcements and employment branding activities.

Free Checklist Helps HR Professionals Integrate CSR

Coro Strandberg, Principal of Strandberg Consulting, has introduced the Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Resource Management Checklist that identifies ten steps HR professionals can follow to support the integration of CSR into their organization’s business strategy and operations. A companion document, The Role of Human Resource Management in Corporate Social Responsibility: Issue Brief and Roadmap, provides a how-to guide including practical business-based examples and a business case for CSR integration.

EcoFenzy’s Find Great Green Interns

Interns can be great hiring resources because they can help you recruit new interns through word of mouth. They can help your organization decrease recruitment costs and enable you to add personnel during periods when workload has increased, but you do not want to add another full-time employee. In the past I have obtained four great interns that way. Two ended up working for me and one of the others did several freelance assignments for my years later.

Green Recruiting: Building Your Environmental Employment Brand

You would have to have had your head stuck in the sand to not be aware of the intense interest that the environment holds in today’s political and social debates. While candidates of all generations have begun evaluating potential employers based on their “greenness,” few in recruiting have leveraged this hot topic in recruitment communications and activities. For some unaccountable reason, recruiting managers and leaders almost universally fail to implement a process that regularly discovers “job switch” decision criteria used by the best and brightest, and this latest oversight is nothing more than history repeating itself once again.