Transitioning from High Tech to Green Tech

Transitioning from High Tech to Green Tech

The greentech top talent shortage is real. Green industries’ high growth and fast innovation, makes for fierce competition among experienced green professionals. High tech-experienced talent is filling some of the demand; the ease of transition depends on the role and industry.

Green Recruiting: Building Your Environmental Employment Brand

You would have to have had your head stuck in the sand to not be aware of the intense interest that the environment holds in today’s political and social debates. While candidates of all generations have begun evaluating potential employers based on their “greenness,” few in recruiting have leveraged this hot topic in recruitment communications and activities. For some unaccountable reason, recruiting managers and leaders almost universally fail to implement a process that regularly discovers “job switch” decision criteria used by the best and brightest, and this latest oversight is nothing more than history repeating itself once again.

Internship Spotlight: Bright Green MBA Internship

Bright Green Talent is an environmentally-focused recruiting firm based out of London and San Francisco. With a young, bright team, we’re working to reinvent the model of recruiting and channel thousands of people into meaningful, green careers. Because we believe in the power of talented people to shape the future sustainability of our world, we are just as demanding of our interns as we would be of any team member. To thrive in a Bright Green internship, you need to be hard-working, hugely committed and have a history of excellence in everything you do.