Managing Reverse Logistics, Recycling, and Sustainability in the US

Managing Reverse Logistics, Recycling, and Sustainability in the US

This post looks at the pressing issues of electronic waste and at the environmental and financial costs of recycling this growing mountain of obsolete computers, displays and peripherals. It suggests that a wider adoption of reverse logistics more generally in the electronics industry may help to manage the end of life process. This is a growing problem, even though the size of electronics keeps shrinking the sheer volumes continue to grow as these devices become ever more ubiquitous.

Sustainability as a Profit Center

Sustainability as a Profit Center

sustainability as a profit centerA new Aberdeen report serves as a roadmap for those attempting to match environmental and social stewardship to clear, actionable, and measurable improvements to their bottom lines – thus ensuring the sustainability of their business ecosystem.

First Four-Year Veterans Green Jobs Education Initiative Announced by Colorado State University

Colorado State University and Veterans Green Jobs are working together to create the Veterans Green Jobs Education Initiative for the purpose of encouraging and enhancing opportunities for military veterans to attend the university, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Participants will work to receive degrees in the following areas: natural resources management, forestry and military lands management, green/sustainable construction, renewable energy technology and sustainable business development.

EPA Seeks Applicants for Environmental Education Grants

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is accepting grant applications for a total of $3.4 million in funding for environmental education projects and programs. EPA expects to award approximately 100 grants ranging from $5,000 to $200,000.

Are Business Opportunities Found in Rising Resource Pressures?

Businesses around the world are feeling the pressures of rising energy, water, and the potential costs of emissions. While business risks and costs are driving many behavior changes, leading businesses are exploring sustainability concepts to identify opportunities. Many companies are addressing these risks by exploring the value aspects of business sustainability.

Renewable Energy Firms Strike Gold with Green Employee Benefits

All things being equal, if a potential employer paid for your time away from the office to volunteer for an earth-friendly cause or provided you with free compact fluorescent light bulbs and an energy audit of your home, or even a hybrid car, would you be more inclined to join them? Leading by example, renewable energy firms are developing “green” or environmentally friendly employee benefits that align the core values of a CEO and culture of their organization with the core values of each employee.