Is Going Green Elitist? Making Green Marketing Less Niche-Oriented?

Is Going Green Elitist? Making Green Marketing Less Niche-Oriented?

In this post Robert focuses on the green marketing gap, the perception gap that exists and results in most Americans perceiving green as an elitist phenomena. He outlines some of the principle problems that have caused this state of affairs to develop and argues that marketing should be geared to reinforcing the benefits that your product offers the planet.

How to Create Green Change in a Conservative Culture

How to Create Green Change in a Conservative Culture

The six keys to driving change in a conservative corporate culture include: top-level support; management-level and administrative support; minimal risk; a clear path; bottom-line value; and political awareness.

How to Sell Green Marketing To Your Boss

Throughout the years, I have encountered many people who wanted to go green, but couldn’t sell the eco approach to the executive team. I believe most managers are simply not aware of what green marketing is, and why it’s better than traditional, non-green marketing.

Schools Expanding Green Career Degree Options

Colleges and universities are responding to a surging interest in green careers by offering more opportunities for degrees in sustainability. “The past few years, society as a whole has become increasingly interested in sustainability,” said Julian Dautremont-Smith of the Association for Sustainability in Higher Education, who was quoted in USA Today. “Higher education has been swept up as well.”

Report Says Cities are Going Green But are Falling Short

A new report released recently assessed exactly how 40 of the country’s largest cities are trying to limit their carbon footprints and take the steps needed to raise these efforts to the next level. The report,  initiated and conducted by Living Cities, a collaboration of 21 of the world’s largest foundations and financial institutions is […]

Green Recruiting: Building Your Environmental Employment Brand

You would have to have had your head stuck in the sand to not be aware of the intense interest that the environment holds in today’s political and social debates. While candidates of all generations have begun evaluating potential employers based on their “greenness,” few in recruiting have leveraged this hot topic in recruitment communications and activities. For some unaccountable reason, recruiting managers and leaders almost universally fail to implement a process that regularly discovers “job switch” decision criteria used by the best and brightest, and this latest oversight is nothing more than history repeating itself once again.