US Green Roof Sector Grows by 28.5% Survey Shows

US Green Roof Sector Grows by 28.5% Survey Shows

This post reports on a recent survey that indicates that the green roof sector in the US and Canada is enjoying excellent growth in spite of the very difficult economic environment that is prevailing in the building sector in general. The survey reports a growth of 28.5% and provides some background on what types of buildings and what cities are leading the adoption of green roofs.

Solar Price Parity Achievable by Streamlining Cost of Permitting

Solar Price Parity Achievable by Streamlining Cost of Permitting

Streamlining the building code process for solar installation could help rooftop solar reach price parity with the average price for electric power on the grid. This key price point is also known as grid parity. Permitting costs will add $1 billion to the price structure of solar over the next five years. This article poses the following question: With widely adopted standardization of best practices in solar system construction/installation in place and the 10-20 years of performance certification on actual operating systems in the field, why then is the permitting process stuck in time and why is solar treated as if it were still an experimental niche rarity that needed to prove itself before the building code bureaucrats can give it their thumbs up.

The Top Green Job Titles and Top Cities for Green Employment During The Recession

Green Dream Jobs and green workforce development consultant Jim Cassio, recently released data that shows the top green job titles posted by employers and in which cities over the past year – during the recession. Despite the fact that there are scores of studies that show the potential for green jobs going forward, many note the dearth of data on current green jobs in the U.S. economy. Green Dream Jobs has collected concrete historical and current data on the job titles employers are actually looking to fill.

It Pays to Install Green Roofs

I’m not even talking about the energy savings, cost savings and environmental benefits though. I’m going to focus on tax credits. A number of places have mandated green roofs under certain circumstances; Toronto, Tokyo and Switzerland to name a few. Another approach that’s often more agreeable to building owners and developers is the voluntary opportunity to receive tax credits.

Green For All Establishes Small Business Capital Access Program for Green Job Creation

Earlier this month, Green for All established The Capital Access Program for small businesses and non-profits. The program is design to provide these organizations with the resources they need to to support, create and scale green jobs in our local communities.

Report Says Cities are Going Green But are Falling Short

A new report released recently assessed exactly how 40 of the country’s largest cities are trying to limit their carbon footprints and take the steps needed to raise these efforts to the next level. The report,  initiated and conducted by Living Cities, a collaboration of 21 of the world’s largest foundations and financial institutions is […]

Finding a Green Job in a Crap Economy – Should You Relocate?

How to Find a Job In This Crap Economy. Allison Hemming, author of Work it! How to Get Ahead, Save your Ass and Land a Job in any Economy!. and owner of Hired Guns, a talent agency that places creative professionals in high profile positions recently gave some career advice for Flavorwire, How to Find a Job In This Crap Economy [Ask an Expert]. She gave lots of great advice. However, the tip she provided that will stand out for people looking to making a move to a green career covers the issue of relocating to find working in a green field.

Vice President Joe Biden Convenes First Middle Class Task Force Meeting on Green Jobs

Creating green jobs is the first order of business for the White House Task Force on Middle Class Families.  Led by Vice President Joe Biden, the Task Force held its inaugural meeting on Friday in Philadelphia at the University of Pennsylvania. “At a time when good jobs and good wages are harder and harder to […]