Why Wind Intermittency Is Not a Big Deal

Why Wind Intermittency Is Not a Big Deal

This post answers the recently much hyped focus on wind’s variability problem, quantifying it in clear cost terms that put it in perspective. The post helps clarify the differences between energy, capacity and the ancillary services surrounding ensuring capacity and goes on to answer some of the other related problems that have been alleged for wind energy as its penetration level increases.

Ultra High Voltage (UHV) Transmission is the Renewable Energy Interstate

Ultra High Voltage (UHV) Transmission is the Renewable Energy Interstate

While other parts of the world are busy actually building national Ultra High Voltage (UHV) transmission infrastructure the US continues to do noting more substantial than litigate. A UHV super grid would be able to move renewable energy from where it is abundant to where people live and work, and do so at an economic cost. This kind of national electric energy infrastructure would enable solar, wind, hydro and geothermal generated electric power to reach market. It is a critical piece of the kind of future energy infrastructure we will need in order to continue to prosper. John goes into a lot of detail and provides numerous links to examples and more in depth reading on this very important subject.

Thinking About a Green MBA?

Thinking About a Green MBA?

Are you a recent graduate discovering how difficult the current market is, unemployed, worried you might soon lose your job or just feel that your career seems stuck in place? Are you thinking that now may be the best time to re-tool your career? Going for a green MBA, now, while the job market is stagnant may be a smart move; both for recent graduates, currently unemployed (or underemployed) professionals as well as for those who want to forge a path into a career in corporate sustainability. But what is a Green MBA, why is it important and what schools are offering them? These are the questions this post delves into.

10 Midwestern Governors Unite to Attract Green Energy Jobs

At the Midwestern Governors Association Jobs and Energy Forum held in Detroit last week, the group released its Platform for Creating and Retaining Midwestern Jobs in the New Energy Economy (Jobs Platform) and the Midwestern Energy Infrastructure Accord (Infrastructure Accord). These two documents are part of an effort by these Governors to position the Midwest as a leader in the new energy economy.

Green Education and Training Update: Red Rocks Community College, Chatham University, and University of Denver Launch Green Education Programs

Red Rocks Community College has received at National Science Foundation grant for their green collar curriculum programs. Chatham University has formed The School of Sustainability and the Environment. University of Denver has announced a sustainability minor.

Local Green Jobs Roundup: Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, and Wisconsin

A new wind farm in Missouri will create 2500 green jobs. Duke Energy will be building mini solar plants in North Carolina. Argonne National Laboratory and BASF have established a partnership to build an electric car battery plant in Ohio. The Milwaukee Conservation Leadership Corps was named as a $550,000 grant recipient at the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

Finding a Green Job in a Crap Economy – Should You Relocate?

How to Find a Job In This Crap Economy. Allison Hemming, author of Work it! How to Get Ahead, Save your Ass and Land a Job in any Economy!. and owner of Hired Guns, a talent agency that places creative professionals in high profile positions recently gave some career advice for Flavorwire, How to Find a Job In This Crap Economy [Ask an Expert]. She gave lots of great advice. However, the tip she provided that will stand out for people looking to making a move to a green career covers the issue of relocating to find working in a green field.

Local Green Jobs Roundup: Winsconsin, Iowa, Oregon, and Illinois

RecyGrow hopes to create 500 green jobs in WI. Culver Signs Wind Energy Bill to Bring 2,300 Green Jobs To Iowa. Oregon House Considers Green Jobs Legislation. Exelon and SunPower to Develop Nation’s Largest Urban Solar Power Plant Creating 200 Jobs in Chicago.

WIND ENERGY UPDATE: Offshore Wind Gets Major Boost, American Wind Energy Association Annual Wind Industry Report, Construction Begins on New South Texas Wind Farm, Seattle Company Proposes Floating Wind Farms

Offshore Wind Gets Major Boost with announcement by President Obama that the Department of the Interior has finalized a long-awaited framework for renewable energy production on the U.S. Outer Continental Shelf (OCS). Wind energy continues rapid growth according to new report from the American Wind Energy Association. The US has surpassed 25 gigawatts (GW) of installed wind energy capacity in 2008. Construction of a new wind farm has begun in Texas. Seatle firm proposes floating offshore wind farms.