Thinking About a Green MBA?

Thinking About a Green MBA?

Are you a recent graduate discovering how difficult the current market is, unemployed, worried you might soon lose your job or just feel that your career seems stuck in place? Are you thinking that now may be the best time to re-tool your career? Going for a green MBA, now, while the job market is stagnant may be a smart move; both for recent graduates, currently unemployed (or underemployed) professionals as well as for those who want to forge a path into a career in corporate sustainability. But what is a Green MBA, why is it important and what schools are offering them? These are the questions this post delves into.

People are Confused About Green Jobs

I’ve noticed that most people tend to have a narrow view of green jobs, usually based on what industries or occupations they’re most familiar with. Few people have an inclusive view of green jobs. It reminds me of the story about the blind men who each feel a part of an elephant and then come to believe that they know what an elephant is. But, of course, their interpretations are all limited by not being able to see or feel all the parts of the elephant. Our interpretations and definitions of green jobs seem to have those same limitations.

Free E-Book Offer: Green Careers Resource Guide by Jim Cassio

Jim Cassio, author of Green Careers: Choosing Work for a Sustainable Future, has published the Green Careers Resource Guide, and he is offering the ebook for free. It began life as one of Jim Cassio’s research bibliographies. By 2007 it had evolved into a handout for the International Career Development Conference, and now it continues to evolve as a living e-book publication with several updates per year.