DOE Promoting Energy Efficiency in the Information Economy

DOE Promoting Energy Efficiency in the Information Economy

The Department of Energy is awarding $47 million to support the development of new technologies and knowhow aimed at improving energy efficiency in the information technology (IT) and communication technology sectors. Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced that 14 projects across the country will share in this award. Information technology and telecommunications are vital and rapidly growing sectors of our overall economy and will become even more central as the smart grid is deployed. As our country increasingly comes to rely on an information economy in sector after sector the underlying physical infrastructure that supports it, such as the data centers, networks, routers and so forth, is expected to continue to rapidly grow.

Thinking About a Green MBA?

Thinking About a Green MBA?

Are you a recent graduate discovering how difficult the current market is, unemployed, worried you might soon lose your job or just feel that your career seems stuck in place? Are you thinking that now may be the best time to re-tool your career? Going for a green MBA, now, while the job market is stagnant may be a smart move; both for recent graduates, currently unemployed (or underemployed) professionals as well as for those who want to forge a path into a career in corporate sustainability. But what is a Green MBA, why is it important and what schools are offering them? These are the questions this post delves into.

Sierra Magazine Names Top 20 Most Eco-Enlightened Cool Schools

Last week, Sierra Magazine named the nation’s top 20 “coolest” schools for their efforts to stop global warming and operate sustainably.     The magazine’s September/October cover story spotlights the schools that they believe are making a true impact for the planet, and marks Sierra’s third annual listing of America’s greenest universities and colleges. The […]

Green Jobs Spotlight; Program Manager, Ecos – Raleigh-Durham, NC

As our utility clients gear up their energy efficiency and distributed generation programs, the opportunities are plentiful for making a big impact while we continue to grow Ecos. Our Utility Solutions Team has an immediate need for a Program Manager based out of a home office in the Raleigh-Durham, N.C. area. In this role, you will report to our Senior Manager of Utility Solutions and have the opportunity to have a significant impact on our continued success.

Local Green Jobs Roundup: Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, and Wisconsin

A new wind farm in Missouri will create 2500 green jobs. Duke Energy will be building mini solar plants in North Carolina. Argonne National Laboratory and BASF have established a partnership to build an electric car battery plant in Ohio. The Milwaukee Conservation Leadership Corps was named as a $550,000 grant recipient at the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

Fellowship Spotlight: Environmental Defense Fund Diversity Fellowship Program

Environmental Defense Fund is looking for diverse candidates who are seeking a professional experience in environmental advocacy. The Diversity Fellowship is a full-time, one-year position focused on a project that is integral to one of EDF’s key program areas – Oceans, Ecosystems, Climate or Health. The Fellow will have the opportunity to work closely with our staff on a significant project, develop core professional skills, understand our approach to environmental issues, and develop an understanding of environmental advocacy as a career path.