Sustainability: Building The Business Case

Your company has been progressing nicely up the sustainability curve from compliance to cost savings. The next logical step is reputation and revenue generation, and itʼs here that many sustainability pros hit a roadblock. Without a CEO mandate, business units usually have little incentive to deviate from whatʼs been working in the past. Sustainability and CSR initiatives have safely been tucked away behind the scenes, dealing with internal and supply chain issues that reduce risk and cost to the business. Objections to customer-facing sustainability initiatives range from “Why put our neck out and riskgreenwashing charges?” to “Itʼs still a niche market” and “Why would we promote our values for commercial ends? Weʼre doing this because it’s right, not to make money from it.”

Businesses Break Ranks Over Climate Change: How Public Pressure Can Change Corporate Culture

Senior members of the US Chamber of Commerce are strdently opposing the Chamber’s position of opposition to climate policy. These organizations are eager “to boost their green credentials,” for fear of alienating their customers and senators. This is an indications that Social movements shape political power and concerned citizens, can move even the most entrenched corporate and political interests. NRDC research finds that “only 23 members of the U.S. Chamber’s board have a publicly stated position on climate change and more than 80 percent [19 members] are not on board” with the Chamber’s official position.

Princeton Review Rolls Out List of The Greenest Colleges

The Princeton Review, today released its second annual Green Ratings of colleges. In this measure of how environmentally friendly the institutions are on a scale of 60 to 99, the company tallied its Green Ratings for 697 institutions based on data it collected from the colleges in 2008-09 concerning their environmentally related policies, practices, and academic offerings. The Princeton Review also named 15 colleges to its “2010 Green Rating Honor Roll” – a list that salutes the institutions that received the highest possible score – 99 – in this year’s rating tallies.

Fellowship Spotlight: Environmental Defense Fund Diversity Fellowship Program

Environmental Defense Fund is looking for diverse candidates who are seeking a professional experience in environmental advocacy. The Diversity Fellowship is a full-time, one-year position focused on a project that is integral to one of EDF’s key program areas – Oceans, Ecosystems, Climate or Health. The Fellow will have the opportunity to work closely with our staff on a significant project, develop core professional skills, understand our approach to environmental issues, and develop an understanding of environmental advocacy as a career path.