Three Ways Finance Departments Do Sustainability With Big Impact

Three Ways Finance Departments Do Sustainability With Big Impact

Beyond the obvious move of going paperless, there are a number ways that finance departments can make sustainability part of its strategy. They include: allocating a pool of capital project money to the sustainability department, calculating risk-adjusted returns realistically, and having 401K plans that offer socially or environmentally responsible investment options.

Getting Scholarships to Pay for Your Green MBA is Not as Hard as You Think – Part 1

Getting Scholarships to Pay for Your Green MBA is Not as Hard as You Think – Part 1

Many people would love to obtain a green MBA, but are put off by the high costs. This is the second in a series of post that explain how to get financial aid for attending a green MBA program. This post tells readers where to look for scholarships, fellowships, and other types of financial aid, as well as how to create a strategy that will dramatically increase their chances of success at winning not just one source of financial aid, but multiple sources. The first post, I Want a Green MBA, But How Do I Pay for It?, includes information on calculating the costs to attend; how to start cutting costs before you attend; how to get organized for the coming onslaught of admissions and financial aid activity;financial aid forms; and working with financial aid offices at the schools you are thinking about attending.

America’s 10 Greenest Brands?

What are the “greenest” brands in the U.S.? Until we can define “green,” there’s no meaningful way to answer that question. Of course, that doesn’t stop people from having, and expressing, opinions.

Who Tops Newsweek’s First Annual Green Rankings?

Today, Newsweek launched a ranking of the greenest companies in America in its current issue and Hewlett-Packard took top honors. The Newsweek Green Rankings is the first-ever report based on companies’ actual environmental footprint, policies and practices. The twelve-page report in the September 28 issue, features a green ranking of America’s 500 largest publicly-traded companies as measured by revenue, market capitalization and number of employees. On, users can search and sort the data in several ways, analyze the detailed methodology of the study and submit and review comments.

Sierra Magazine Names Top 20 Most Eco-Enlightened Cool Schools

Last week, Sierra Magazine named the nation’s top 20 “coolest” schools for their efforts to stop global warming and operate sustainably.     The magazine’s September/October cover story spotlights the schools that they believe are making a true impact for the planet, and marks Sierra’s third annual listing of America’s greenest universities and colleges. The […]

Princeton Review Rolls Out List of The Greenest Colleges

The Princeton Review, today released its second annual Green Ratings of colleges. In this measure of how environmentally friendly the institutions are on a scale of 60 to 99, the company tallied its Green Ratings for 697 institutions based on data it collected from the colleges in 2008-09 concerning their environmentally related policies, practices, and academic offerings. The Princeton Review also named 15 colleges to its “2010 Green Rating Honor Roll” – a list that salutes the institutions that received the highest possible score – 99 – in this year’s rating tallies.