Interview Series: Transition to a Clean / Green Career #1: From Telecom to Solar

Guest Post by Jennifer Massie, founder of Massie Group, a recruiting consulting firm I have decided to conduct a series of interviews with people who have made a career transition to the clean/green sector.  This could include any type of business related to renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable business, etc. I am finding more and […]

Green Education and Training Update: University of Missouri, Northeastern Junior College, Eastern Mennonite University and Chatham University Launch Green Education Programs

The University of Missouri, Kansas City is creating a new sustainability minor. Northeastern Junior College is launching a wind energy training program. Eastern Mennonite University has announced two sustainability majors an Chatham University has added a new environmental track to its graduate biology program.

U.S. Department of Labor Announces $500 Million for 5 Grant Solicitations to Train Workers for Green Jobs

During a visit to Memphis last month, Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis announced five grant competitions, totaling $500 million, to fund projects that prepare workers for green jobs in the energy efficiency and renewable energy industries.

“Emerging green jobs are creating opportunities for workers to enter careers that offer good wages and pathways to long term job growth and prosperity,” said Secretary Solis. “Workers receiving training through projects funded by these competitions will be at the forefront as our nation transforms the way we generate electricity, manufacture products and do business across a wide range of industries.”

Green Jobs Spotlight: Green Business Director, YouthBuild USA – Somerville, MA

The Green Business Director is responsible for oversight and implementation of the launch of an ambitious new initiative to respond to the needs and opportunities in our communities generated by the economic recession coupled with the new public dollars available for greening America. The YouthBuild Green Small Business Initiative will encompass several avenues for local programs to create jobs for their graduates and other neighborhood residents, while at the same time generating revenue for their programs in the process of greening their communities.

Local Green Jobs Roundup: Winsconsin, Iowa, Oregon, and Illinois

RecyGrow hopes to create 500 green jobs in WI. Culver Signs Wind Energy Bill to Bring 2,300 Green Jobs To Iowa. Oregon House Considers Green Jobs Legislation. Exelon and SunPower to Develop Nation’s Largest Urban Solar Power Plant Creating 200 Jobs in Chicago.

GREEN CAREER PERSPECTIVES: Non-Technical Green Careers, Get a Green Job with Networking; Resume Strategies, Penetrating The Green Job Market

The following green career strategies and perspectives that I found around the web. If you have a green career strategy or perspective that you would like to share, do not hesitate to contact us. Amie Vaccaro, editor of the blog, Ecofrenzy, has created a list of 15 ways to find your green dream job using networking. Carolyn at Bright Green Talent has posted an informative three-part Resume Boot Camp for student and Grads seeking a green career. Carol McClelland explains that most of the jobs within the green economy have the same job titles they have in the traditional economy. She lists several ways you can see yourself fitting into in the green economy and provide a few strategies to use to map your way into the green economy. recently talked two career experts to get their advice on entering the green job market and asked if they had special tips for experienced workers who are looking for new opportunities following layoffs.

National Green Jobs Training Program Established for Veterans

Veterans Green Jobs, a nonprofit organization, has set up a national initiative designed to reengage military service veterans by training them and getting them work in the areas of reversing deteriorating environmental conditions, dealing with client climate change threats and working in the sustainable energy sectors. The centerpiece of this initiative is a training program called the Veterans Green Jobs Academy.