The CFO is Important to Sustainability

The CFO is Important to Sustainability

This post examines the importance of successfully communicating the importance of sustainability for the bottom line, in terms of risk mitigation, value opportunities and business benefits associated with sustainability to an organization’s CFO. The CFO is typically ultimately responsible for investor relations, facilities, purchasing, human resources, IT and have a large impact on all organizational resource allocation decision making in general, and CFOs can have a major impact on the ultimate success or failure of an organizations sustainability programs.

Can Finance Managers Count CSR?

The standand approach to finance is often the sad antithesis of corporate social responsibility. Most Finance managers have a perception of CSR as simply a cost center and not a revenue generator.Cohen provides an explanation of how there is a basis for the financial function to be a contributor to, and not just a calculator of a company’s CSR program.

Free Checklist Helps HR Professionals Integrate CSR

Coro Strandberg, Principal of Strandberg Consulting, has introduced the Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Resource Management Checklist that identifies ten steps HR professionals can follow to support the integration of CSR into their organization’s business strategy and operations. A companion document, The Role of Human Resource Management in Corporate Social Responsibility: Issue Brief and Roadmap, provides a how-to guide including practical business-based examples and a business case for CSR integration.