EcoFenzy’s Find Great Green Interns

Interns can be great hiring resources because they can help you recruit new interns through word of mouth. They can help your organization decrease recruitment costs and enable you to add personnel during periods when workload has increased, but you do not want to add another full-time employee. In the past I have obtained four great interns that way. Two ended up working for me and one of the others did several freelance assignments for my years later.

GREEN CAREER PERSPECTIVES: Non-Technical Green Careers, Get a Green Job with Networking; Resume Strategies, Penetrating The Green Job Market

The following green career strategies and perspectives that I found around the web. If you have a green career strategy or perspective that you would like to share, do not hesitate to contact us. Amie Vaccaro, editor of the blog, Ecofrenzy, has created a list of 15 ways to find your green dream job using networking. Carolyn at Bright Green Talent has posted an informative three-part Resume Boot Camp for student and Grads seeking a green career. Carol McClelland explains that most of the jobs within the green economy have the same job titles they have in the traditional economy. She lists several ways you can see yourself fitting into in the green economy and provide a few strategies to use to map your way into the green economy. recently talked two career experts to get their advice on entering the green job market and asked if they had special tips for experienced workers who are looking for new opportunities following layoffs.