How Solar Power Can Help Coal Fired Power Plants Burn Less Coal

The sun can help coal fired power plants burn less coal by pre-heating the water used to make high pressure high temperature steam during periods when the sun is shining. In other words the sun would do part of the work of producing high pressure/ high temperature steam and in this manner the overall hybrid solar/coal power plant would use less coal than a coal only power plant would need to produce the same amount of electric power.

Renewable Energy Firms Strike Gold with Green Employee Benefits

All things being equal, if a potential employer paid for your time away from the office to volunteer for an earth-friendly cause or provided you with free compact fluorescent light bulbs and an energy audit of your home, or even a hybrid car, would you be more inclined to join them? Leading by example, renewable energy firms are developing “green” or environmentally friendly employee benefits that align the core values of a CEO and culture of their organization with the core values of each employee.

Local Green Jobs Roundup: Denver, Annapolis, Wisconsin, Ohio and Los Angeles

A solar power plant construction will brings 200 green jobs to Denver. Annapolis will build a clean-energy industrial park. Feingold announced stimulus funds to create green jobs inWisconsin. Ohio hopes to offset job loss by investing in alternative energy and providing incentives to business. The Los Angeles building retrofit program is designed to boost green jobs.