Greenopia Ranks Top Ten Carbon Offset Companies

Greenopia recently released a comprehensive ranking of the top ten Carbon Offset companies for mitigating personal climate impact produced by flying, driving, and from household energy consumption. Topping the list are TerraPass and EnPalo. Carbon Offsets have been under fire in recent years due to questions surrounding their overall effectiveness and transparency to the public. With over a billion tons of offsets being purchased each year, consumers are looking for a company they can trust. The entire carbon offset ranking results are at Greenopia.

Greenopia Ranks 50 State Governors for Environmental Responsibility

Greenopia recently released a comprehensive ranking of 50 governors in the US and compared their policies, transparency, and interest group ratings to determine which governors were eco-leaders and reveals which state governments are most dedicated to preserving the environment. Topping the list is Governor Bill Ritter of Colorado followed closely by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California.