Who are The Top Green IT Outsourcing Vendors?

Each year, Brown-Wilson Group and Black Book Research undertakes an annual survey of outsourcing service providers’ green initiatives from the perspective of their client experience. These research results represent an extensive and representative perception study of outsourcing vendors, validated by 1,338 unique company respondents from service users around the globe earlier this year. Over 7,000 individual nominations were received during the survey. They surveyed outsourcing buyer CIOs, governance, buyers, user managers &
corporate executives uncovered both the progress of suppliers and to determine who are the cream of the crop when it comes to Green IT. Xerox topped the list, followed by Accenture, CSC, Capgemini and IBM Global.

Sustainable IT Solutions Will Trump Failed Green IT Marketing

The first wave of green IT solutions failed to make sustainability benefits tangible according to a new study conducted on the sector by the independent research firm Verdantix. However, innovative IT sustainability solutions just released into the market or on the horizon for 2010 – will quickly demonstrate the tech sector’s role in supporting corporate sustainability strategies.