Corporate Governance for Sustainability Needed for a Green Economy

Corporate Governance for Sustainability Needed for a Green Economy

Meeting the challenges of climate change and a global transition towards a sustainable economy is such a monumental task that it requires the suitable governance structures that are able to channel corporate and other resources toward sustainability. This post covers some of the issues in this important subject including carbon lock-in, shorthand for the “interlocking technological, institutional and social forces…that perpetuate fossil fuel-based infrastructures in spite of their known environmental externalities”. It suggests a four pronged approach combining regulatory requirements, economic incentives for sustainability, public pressures, and finally to restructure the foundations of corporate governance to serve multiple stakeholders.

Platts Seeks Nominations for 2009 Global Energy Awards

Platts, a leading energy information division of The McGraw-Hill Companies, is currently seeking nominations for the 11th annual Platts Global Energy Awards, which recognize excellence of companies and individuals in the global energy industry. Eighteen performance categories will be recognized. All nominations must be received by September 12, 2009 to be considered. Established in 1999, the Platts Global Energy Awards will seek to recognize corporate leaders and companies that are successfully coping with the difficult economic environment as they continue to address the domestic and global challenges of sustainable and “green” energy, efficiency and innovation.

L.A. Makes Play to Become World’s Clean Tech Capital

CleanTech Los Angeles is a multi-agency collaboration between CRA/LA, Caltech, DWP, JPL, Mayor’s Office, Port UCLA, and USC to establish Los Angeles as the global leader in research, commercialization, and deployment of clean technologies. It brings together groups like the city’s power and water utility, the chamber of commerce, and the universally recognized scientific research heavyweights UCLA, USC and CalTech with the aim to help LA region become a global center of green technology, green jobs and green manufacturing, officials explained. The ultimate goal is a lofty one: to become the global capital of clean technology.