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The impact that social media has on people working with sustainability issues always amazes me. So, I felt compelled to make sure that you, our readers who are not able to attend SB ’10 were made aware of the people and organizations who are working to bring you the information shared at the conference via Twitter. Many provide thought provoking tweets on sustainability throughout the year.  I have listed them based on the number of followers,  from the most to the least.   At the time this was posted, the list contained 85 SB ’10 tweeters.  Follow Us @greeneconpost.

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Julie Urlaub @TaigaCompany
Bio: Sustainability Consultants business, life, environment. Join us on Facebook:
Followers:16,112   Listed:576

Leslie Carothers @tkpleslie
Bio: All things furniture + interior design|Green/eco|Social media agency for furniture industry|Writer of Furniture’s Retail Ideas blog. Pancake lover.
Followers: 13,546   Listed:480 @triplepundit
Business, Better. The Triple Bottom Line.
Followers:5,548 Listed:468

Gil Friend @gfriend
Strategic sustainability thought leader, consultant, & coach CEO Natural Logic Inc, author Truth About Green Business, blogger:
Followers:4,284 Listed:413

Recycle Match @RecycleMatch
Bio Turning trash into treasure. The online market for transforming commercial waste into value. Perfect for green manufacturing, green supply chain, green building.
Followers:2,518    Listed:150

Brand Channel @brandchannelhub
always branding. always on.
Followers:5,432 Listed:514

Paul Smith @GreenSmith
Bio: Sustainable/Green Biz Consultant. Social Media Demystifier. Digital PR. Blogger for Triple Pundit. Ghost Writer for ____. Brain for hire.
Followers:4,599  Listed;440

Fabian Pattberg @FabianPattberg
Bio:Blogger and experienced practitioner in topics of Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Social Media. Founder of
Followers:4,139  Listed:348

Andrew Winston @GreenAdvantage
Bio: Tweeting on the greening of business and world. Author of Green to Gold and Green Recovery.
Followers:3,130  Listed:290

Interbrand @Interbrand
Bio: The world’s leading brand management consultancy. Rigorous strategy & analysis meets the creative power of branding & design. Author of Best Global Brands.
Followers:2,786  Listed:337

Mario Vellandi @mvellandi
Bio: Digital PR Pro with a passion for Sustainability, CSR, Brand Communications, and Product Development – (714) 609-6869
Followers:2,084  Listed;122

Anya Kamenetz @anya1anya
Followers: 2,046 Listed: 208
Bio:Generation Debt girl; Fast Company writer; my new book DIY U is on the future of higher ed. Web Site


Bio: PeopleTowels are reusable, personal organic cotton hand towels. Reduce paper towel use. Save trees. Reduce landfill. Conserve water. BYOT(towel)
Followers:2,023  Listed:103

Asheen Phansey @asheen
Bio:Sustainability Product Manager for SolidWorks Corp.; sustainability speaker; Net Impact Boston leader; Adjunct Professor at Babson College.
Followers:1,818   Listed:84

Kiwano Marketing @kiwano
Followers: 1,723  Listed: 107
Bio: Affordable web and print green marketing services with high return on investment. Generate more sales for your business while serving your local community.

GreenMyParents @GreenMyParents
Bio: GreenMyParents is a national movement of youth (and parents) to: seed the green economy, earn over $100 at home and save the planet. #GMP
Followers: 1,700   Listed:99

Will Sarni @WillSarni
Bio: Founder and CEO of DOMANI Sustainability Consulting
Followers:1,689  Listed:118

Earthsite @earthsite
Bio: Earthsite is a New Media Agency for Sustainable Brands. Earthsite specializes in green and social design, web 2.0 development, and social media marketing.
Followers;1,586 Listed:64

SustainableLifeMedia @SLMCommunity
Bio: Sustainable Life Media is the leading producer of sustainable business conferences and educational events, with supporting products and services.
Followers:1,552  Listed:167

Susan McPherson @susanmcp1
Bio: Committed marketer by day, passionate connector/fundraiser of social and environmental causes by night
Followers:1,543 Listed:99

Andrea Learned @AndreaLearned
Bio: Write/speak/consult on gender, marketing and sustainability. Contribute to Huffpo, do commentary for VPR, and write – a lot
Followers:1,542   Listed:125

SAPCommunityNetwork @SAPCommNet
Bio: SAP Community Network – @gailmoody, @nathomson @sylviasant, @rashmimanda, @oddss
Followers:1,537  Listed:120

Myoo Create @myoocreate
Bio: The innovation community that solves environmental and social challenges
Followers: 1,440  Listed:62

Cecilia Lu @cecilialu
Bio: Stealthily making connections, Networking Ninja-style! Green marketing & social media communications. Lethal drink of choice: single malt whisky.
Followers:1,434  Listed:112

Cliff Feigenbaum @CliffGMJ
Bio: GreenMoney Journal – Award-winning publication on Green Investing & Business publishing since 1992
Followers:1,424  Listed:75

Jim England @JimEngland
Bio: Codename Bundle co-founder, Rails developer, Capital Factory 2010. I like turtles
Followers:1,275    Listed:61

Green Economy Post @greeneconpost
Bio: An informative blog covering the impact of the environment, cleantech and renewable energy on the US economy
Followers:1,268         Listed:177

Tony Obregon @tonyobregon
Bio: Frequently distracted by delicious food, electronic music and cable TV. Dish out digital media for clients at Cohn & Wolfe. Views here are my own.
Followers: 1,150 Listed:110

Christine Costa @GreenIntel
Bio: IMRE Sustainability Practice Leader, Managing Green Editor of Home Intel and Build Intel blogs
Followers:1,122  Listed;74

Jonathan Greenblatt @J0NATHAN_G
Bio: Life’s most urgent question is: what are you doing for others? (MLK). Web Site
Followers:1,077 Listed:65

Matter Network @matternetwork
Bio Sustainability & clean technology news from an alliance of 100+ expert publishers
Followers:888      Listed:51

Terena Bell @InEveryLanguage
Bio CEO of In Every Language, a national leader in translating, interpreting, & localization
Followers:790   Listed:308

Perry Goldschein @greenmarketing1
Bio: Sustainability, corporate social responsibility (CSR) communications, reporting & stakeholder engagement
Followers:776  Listed:41

Jennifer Rice @jennrice
Bio: I help execs align sustainability and CSR with top-line revenue.
Followers:775 65 Listed:65

Kris O’Connor @SIPtheGoodLife
Bio: We’re all about Great Wines & Healthy Vineyards & supporting wineries doing the right thing with the environment & their workers via SIP Certification.
Followers:749  Listed:68

Koann @Koann
Bio: CEO, Sustainable Life Media, home for sustainable business innovators: http://www.linkedin/in/koann
Followers:749   Listed:94

HIPinvestor @HIPinvestor
Bio: The New Fundamentals of Investing: HIP = Human Impact + Profit.
Followers:730 Listed:25

Nikos Sarilakis @nsarilakis
Bio: Online Marketing Manager @Sustainable Life Media
Followers:638  Listed:26

Cheskin @Cheskin
Bio: We guide innovation through a deep understanding of people, culture and change.
Followers:604 Listed:38

Suzanne Shelton @sheltongroup
Bio: Ad agency motivating mainstream consumers to make sustainable choices. 4 annual research studies make us experts on consumer’s green attitudes and behaviors.
Followers:567 Listed:64

Sandy Skees @SandySkees
Bio:  sustainability, PR/mktg, strategist, goodness for the world, practical idealist, triple bottom line businesses, optimistic, collaborative, design, green homes
549 Followers 28 Listed

Addis Creson @AddisCreson
Bio: We are a strategic brand agency focused on creating positive change.
Followers: 549  Listed:100

Beth Bengtson @b2engt
Bio: Passionate Sustainable Strategy and Communications Professional
Followers: 537 Listed;44

Rebecca Roderick @in_context
Bio: Intrepid researcher. Looking. Listening. Learning. Sharing.
Followers:504  Listed:27

Michelle Barsi @MichelleBarsi
Bio: Personal Branding and Social Media Strategist. Passionate about Event Coordination, TV Production and beach destinations
Followers:501  Listed:37

Bill Roth @earth2017
Bio: Founder of EARTH 2017
Followers:478      Listed:40

Patrick Glinski @glinskiii
Bio A busy guy in the world of digital strategy. Also, I like unicorns.
Followers:471   Listed:41

Ziba @zibapdx
Bio: Ziba is a design and innovation consultancy that helps companies create meaningful ideas, designs and experiences that consumers crave.
Followers:468 Listed:36

Aloftgroup @Aloftgroup
A strategic brand consulting & marketing agency with a global focus. We work companies whose mission, products and services improve how people live their lives.
Followers:453  Listed:21

Brooke B Farrell @brookebf
Bio: practical environmentalist, marketing transformations, student of ordinary life, owner of green biz RecycleMatch
428  Followers       29  Listed

Colin Mutchler @activefree
Bio: Thoughts, music and digital strategy for creating a bright green future. Also co-founder of social ad buying service @loudsauce.
Followers:416       18  Listed:18

Nikki Jackson @thelifeofNikki
Communicator, Bridge-Builder, Journalist, Human Rights Activist, Community Volunteer & Social Media Advocate
Followers:406  Listed:15

Alexandra Steele @EcomavenNW
Bio: Creating opportunities that build your brand, business and bottom-line while honoring your values and our planet.
Followers:364 Listed:17

BBH Hive @BBHhive
Bio: Into creative ideas & innovations for the greater social & environmental good | Based within @BBHNewYork | Curated by @keava
Followers:377 Listed:29

Eco Imprints @ecoimprints
Bio Green promotional marketing firm providing ecofriendly products and branding services. A dedicated and fun team! Give us a call – we’d love to talk to you!
Followers:346       Listed:19

Methodologie @M_stream
Bio: M_stream is the hive mind of Methodologie: what we’re reading, talking, and thinking about.
Followers:314 Listed:9

Dara O’Rourke
Bio: Professor at UC Berkeley and co-founder of
Followers:274       Listed:26

Impactomh @Impactomh
Bio: We are a Strategic Branding firm that combines strategy, design & technology to effectively capture & transmit the essence of a brand’s true identity.
Followers: 265 Listed:18

Dustin Pons @dustin_aloft
Bio: Business development evangelist for healthcare and lifestyle brands, general sports fan and a Dad
233 Followers 9 Listed

Blue Practice @BluePractice
Bio: Sustainable companies and causes
Followers:226  Listed:17

David Ferris @DavidFerris
Bio: Managing Editor of the Matter Network and author of Innovate column for Sierra magazine.
Followers:212   Listed:8

Thomas Miner Jr @thomasminerjr
Followers:198 Listed:10

Gregory Unruh @gregoryunruh
Bio:Professor, Author and Speaker on Sustainability Solutions for Business and the World
“Followers:191     Listed:19

Cradle to Cradle @CradletoCradle

Bio: Cradle to Cradle & C2C are registered trademarks of MBDC, a consulting and certification firm that helps clients make a positive footprint on the planet.
Followers;180   Listed:22

Annie Longsworth @alongsworth
Bio:Cohn &  Wolfe, President, SF & Sustainability Practice Leader
Followers:177   Listed:13

Marty Mc Donald @eggseattle
Bio: steward for brands working on sustainability
Followers:176      Listed:19
Matt Bowen @MattyBowen
Bio: Hi..Marketing and Branding Strategist, CEO of Aloft Group, Inc.
Followers:155   Listed: 2

Amy Skoczlas Cole @AmySkoczlas
Bio: eBay Green Team director, mommy, citizen of the planet
Followers:143  Listed:12

Curt Dowdy @curtdowdy
Bio sustainability entrepreneur, green implementer, social advocate, eco-adventurer, filmmaker, vlogger, co-founder & COO at
Followers:107 Listed:3

AHA! @AHAwriters
Bio: We are a creative communications firm with expertise in writing.
Followers:99      Listed:12

Haley Drage   @HDrage
Bio: Account Manager at Waggener Edstrom focused on how sustainability can help solve some of the worlds most pressing issues
Followers:88       Listed:8

Trevor Wade   @TrevorWade
Followers: 88 Listed: 7
Bio: Working mom, digitally curious with very little free time

Bio Tribal Marketing ^ Chasm Crossing
Followers:83   Listed:1

Kelli Peterson @kellip_sf
Bio: innovation at cheskin
Followers:77   Listed:9

Patrin Watanatada @patrin
Bio: SustainAbility and sustainability person :: fond of people, information, language, design, cities, mountains, food, song, all things meta-
Followers:70 Listed:2

LoudSauce @loudsauce
Bio: Developing a new social way to buy advertising space for your favorite causes. Also tweeting from @activefree
67  Followers       6  Listed

Christina Hug @hugc
Bio: Inspiration seeker, travel fiend, design lover and running nut
Followers:62 Listed:3

Bob Osmond   @bobosmosis
Followers:50   Listed: 8

Steve Bishop @sbishop
Bio: Pissed off optimist
Followers:41 Listed:5

Hunter Marshall @huntermarshall

Bio: born lobster islesford mdihs nyc risd printmaking landor branding rsm interbrand
Followers:34  Listed:1

Locus Research @locusresearch
Bio: Design and product development. Tweeting about design, innovation, and life cycle thinking.
Followers: 29 Listed:4

Susan Nickbarg @svnickbarg
Bio: An end-to-end marketing strategist and corporate responsibility and sustainability adviser, speaker, and trainer.
Followers:27 Listed:7

Vanessa Christie @GreenSocialite
Bio: Eco-warrior attempting to green Corporate Canada from the inside out
Followers :27 Listed:5

American Dream @SB10_Dream
Bio:  Recapturing the American Dream is a conversation facilitated by Debbie and Eric of @zibapdx John of Addis Creson and Marc of Bedo for #sb10
Followers:22 Listed: 4

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