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Major Green Industries with a significant presence in the state are:biomass, energy efficiency, wind.

The Pew Center of The States Clean Economy Report found that in 2007 New Hampshire had 465 cleantech businesses and that the state had 4,029 green jobs. Its green sector grew at 2% for the decade of 1998-2007 compared with 6.8% for the overall economy. Between 2006 and 2008 $67 million of VC money was invested in the state’s cleantech economy.

The southern end of New Hampshire is part of the greater Boston metro area, which was the number three metro area n the US for cleantech job activity according to the Clean Edge, Inc. ranking of metro areas across the country.

New Hampshire is home to 23 renewable energy companies. In 2009 renewable energy direct and indirect jobs were estimated to be 717 people in the state.

New Hampshire has an active biomass industry and an emerging wind industry. New Hampshire is home to a growing bioenergy industry; plants throughout the state use woodchips and municipal solid waste to produce electricity. New Hampshire has 6 biomass plants. A typical 30 MW biopower plant employs about 120 workers.

A 99 MW wind farm is under development in Coos County, which will involve a total investment of up to $275 million. It is expected to be operational in December 2011.

In addition to several manufacturing companies that have diversified into the wind energy supply chain, New Hampshire manufacturer Goss International in Durham was chosen as the US assembler of Aeronautica wind turbine nacelles. At least 5 other facilities currently supply components to the wind industry. In 2010 the wind sector was estimated to support between 100 and 500 direct and indirect wind jobs.

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