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exec-recruit-front-cover-500The Green Executive Recruiter Directory

The most complete compilation of US search firms that specialize in renewable energy, green/sustainable building, sustainability, environmental, and other green careers.

This comprehensive directory and guide includes over 500 in-depth listings of green executive search firms. It also features three bonus chapters on how to work with and establish close working relationships with green recruiters, so that you never have to use a job board ever again.

With this informative resource, you can take control of your green career by building relationships with green recruiters.  The Green Executive Recruiter Directory is a  targeted and thorough tool that enables you to quickly identify those recruiters who can be the most effective at helping you achieve your career goals. The Green Executive Recruiter Directory is also packed with the strategies and know-how you need to maximize your career opportunities, and includes detailed guidelines on how to gain the attention of green executive recruiters. You will learn how to tap into the hidden job market of opportunities not found on the job boards in some of the nation’s fastest growing green sectors. This easy to use directory and guide is an excellent resource for mid-level professionals, top executives, career changers and entry-level professionals.

What’s Inside?

  • You will find over 500 in-depth listings of US-based executive search firms specializing in 32 green industry and functional practice areas including: Agriculture/Farm/Organics  |  Architecture/Green Building/Construction  |  Biofuels and Biomaterials  |  Carbon Accounting  |  Carbon Trading/RECS  |  Cleaner Coal/CCS  |  CSR/Risk Management  |  Energy Efficiency  |Energy Storage / Advanced Batteries / Fuel Cells / Hydrogen  |  Engineering  |  Environmental Management  |  Environmental Law/ Legal  |  Fundraising/Development  |  General Cleantech/Renewable Energy  |  Geothermal  |  Green Computing  |  Green Design  |  Green Education  |  Green Finance/VC  |  Green Government/Policy  |  Green Marketing/Business Development/ PR/Communications  |  Green Supply Chain   |  Green/SRI Investing  |  Lighting  |  Natural Resources/Restoration  |   Smart Grid   |  Solar  |  Sustainability  |   Transportation/Vehicles   |  Waste Management/ Recycling/ Composting  |  Water  |   Wave & Tidal  |  Wind
  • Top management recruiters are listed and broken down by : Board Search  |  CEO/Principal/Managing Director Search  |  C-Level Search
  • The Green Executive Recruiter Directory also contains indispensable information on how rising green professionals can tap into the hidden green job market, and how they can carve out a rewarding and lucrative career with the assistance of green executive recruiters.
  • There are six easy-to-search indexes that enable you to quickly identify recruiters that will best be able to help you achieve your green career success. They are cross-referenced by industry and job function, types of searches conducted (contingency vs. retained), leadership level, services provided, and geography.
  • Also provided are a directory of top green professional associations and a directory of leading green industry blogs and portals.
With The Green Executive Recruiter Directory, you will discover how to use the information in the directory to create a customized, targeted list of recruiters that is right for you. You will also learn how to master Linkedin and other social media as tools for getting recruiters to come to you with green job opportunities.

Readers will become skilled at establishing themselves as a experts in their chosen industry and career specialty.  These will also learn how to establish career partnerships with recruiters, and become someone who green recruiters seek out for rewarding opportunities, so they never have to use a job board ever again.

The Green Executive Recruiter Directory provides information on how to develop a green recruiter contact and relationship building strategy. It also contains details how to build your visibility, and establish your expertise in you green industry and career specialty.

The Green Executive Recruiter DirectoryThe Green Executive Recruiter Directory Price: $49.95
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