Chris de MorsellaAfter a decade performing as a lead  guitarist for rock bands, Chris de Morsella decided to return to the career his uncle mentored him in as a youth….Software Engineering.  He has mastered many aspects of software architecture & design, programming and deployment. He has designed a number of applications; including a compound document publishing architecture for regulatory submissions, for Liquent, a division of Thompson Publishing. At the Associated Press, Chris worked with senior editors at facilities around the world, to develop a solution for replacing existing photo editorial systems with an integrated international content management solution. More recently he has gained considerable expertise in programming for small mobile devices, including for Windows SmartPhone, Microsoft Automotive computer and the Rhapsody music player client software as well.

For many years now, Chris has been an active voice in the green/ cleantech economy arena. His interests include: green building/ architecture and urban design; smart grid/ smart appliances; the cloud/ virtualization and green computing; the semantic web and smart self healing systems; geo-thermal energy; renewable energy including solar, wind, wave, micro-hydro, smart growth, organic farming, earth building and permaculture to name a few. Chris’ cleantech articles have appeared on Reuters Green Business, Energy Collective, Environmental News Network, The Matter Network and CleanTechies.

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