sustainability virtual summits ictProposals for virtual presentations are invited for the Sustainability Virtual Summits to be held in March, September and November of this year. The three summits will feature virtual conferences and exhibitions focusing on sustainability issues pertaining to the Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Smart Business Operations and Smart Infrastructure industry sectors respectively.

The Sustainability Virtual Summits, being organized by G2 Events, Inc., are designed to be very similar to a physical event, but without the cost and trouble of travel, or the associated greenhouse gas emissions.

These events will bring together global corporate visionaries, policy makers, environmental advocacy groups and leading experts to showcase financially profitable practices and strategies that address and mitigate corporate and government impact on long-term health of the earth.

The first summit, to be held on March 30, 2010 (USA time zones), will focus on the ICT industry’s role in facilitating energy efficiency and low-carbon development. Some of the key issues to be discussed include dematerialization opportunities and Smart ICT solutions such as virtualization of resources, efficient cooling techniques and cloud computing.

The theme of the second virtual summit, scheduled for September 14, 2010 (USA time zones), will be Smart Business Operations, that not only contribute to global citizenship and sustainability goals, but also provide competitive advantage to businesses. The preliminary topics that shall be covered in this summit are Smart Supply Chain, Smart Manufacturing, Smart Transportation and Logistics, and Smart Packaging.

The third and final summit of this series, to be held on November 30, 2010 (USA time zones), will focus on the Smart Infrastructure sector. Smart Buildings, Smart Grids, and Smart Water and Sanitation are key issues included in the agenda.

Confirmed speakers at these virtual events include market experts and industry leaders representing leading firms such as Cisco Systems, Danone, France Telecom – Orange Group, Intel Corporation and Hewlett-Packard among others.

Submission Guidelines:

Corporate, academic, nonprofit, and political entities and organizations are encouraged to share and present new ideas, technologies, strategies, practical outcomes, research and case studies in line with conference themes.

Telepresence technology will be used to facilitate interaction and participation between presenters from around the globe.

Presentation proposals can be submitted by completing an online form here.

Participation is also invited from industry leaders, researchers, engineers, scientists, architects, economists, consultants, and policy-makers.

Participation as an attendee is free of charge.


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For more detailed information:

For additional participation, sponsorship and registration details, summit agendas as well as a live demo of virtual event environment, visit the Sustainability Virtual Summits website.

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Author: Naimish Upadhyay (9 Articles)

Naimish Upadhyay recently graduated with an MS degree in Environmental Science & Policy from the University of South Florida, where he focused on sustainability policies of Florida businesses and local governments. While in graduate school, he was an active member of the Emerging Green Builder’s USF chapter ( as well as the Student Taskforce on Campus Sustainability at his university. Naimish previously taught college level Environmental Science and Environmental Biotechnology in India. Given his research and project experience, Naimish is eager to build a professional career in the areas of business sustainability, environmental management systems, sustainability assessment and reporting, and corporate social responsibility. Naimish looks forward to reader feedback and can be reached via email