The following green career strategies and perspectives that I found around the web.  If you have a green career strategy or perspective that you would like to share, do not hesitate to contact us.

How to Write a Green Resume. Amy Linn over at SustainLane provides six strategies on how to write a green resume that will make an immediate, job-snagging impression.   In addition to following the typical guidelines for good resume writing and looking at some samples, she suggests the following:  Learn and use green keywords commonly used in the industry;  don’t dismiss your work experience that is not specifically green –  green businesses need people from a variety of backgrounds, so it is important to pay attention to the skills you have that are transferable;  participate in volunteer green activities and include them in your resume; make sure that your resume is formatted to be sent electronically; when using a paper resume, make sure it is recycled and chlorine-free;   if you know a green professional, see if they will review your resume.

Target Your Green Job Search. Gayle Oliver-Plath, founder of  Career Eco, explains how targeting green  your job search will yield better success. Casting too wide a net is likely to give the appearance that you lack the ability to solve an organization’s most immediate problems.  She also advises that you align your skills with the highest growth areas, by obtaining additional training or certification.

Green Career Transition Tips for The Less Experienced. A few weeks ago, Matt, an intern over at Bright Green Talent provided six strategies for making a green career transition. Well,  he’s back with two more green career transition tips. These strategies are for people with less experience. He recommends focusing on networking more than looking at job boards,  He also thinks it is smarter to focus on the smaller, local companies.

Who Will Be Needed in the First Wave of Green Jobs. With so many people going after green jobs, it is going to be difficult to get one initially.   Stephen Hinton, of Hinton Human Capitol believes you might have an edge if you know what areas they will be hiring in first. With $5.55 billion of the stimulus package set aside to “convert GSA facilities to High-Performance Green Buildings”job seekers who have a LEED AP certification, knowledge of sustainable building practices and a college degree may have a distinct edge over candidates who do not.  With $4.5 billion dollars set aside for the smart grid, there will aslo be an initial need for engineers, Computer Aided Design (CAD) professionals, real estate professionals, scientists and geodetic survey personnel.

101 Best Twitter Feeds for Job Hunters. GreenGirl at GreenGigs has compiled a list of  her favorite job tweeters.  Some tweet job listings, some are industry specific, some offer career advice, a few are recruiters, some are direct company listings, and others re-tweet or link to relevant articles for job hunters.  There are over 101 job tweeters.

Van Jones: Why I’m Going to Washington. Doug Pibel at Yes! interviewed Van Jones recently and asked him why he took the job with the Obama Administration. In the interview, they also discuss why he changed his mind and decided to accept the position,  his role in government,  what will happened to Green for All, and his recommendations regarding what people can do to keep the movement going.   You can also listen to the interview with Van Jones.   Just a heads up.  Slate has a new article entitled  Van Jones: The Face of Green Jobs – Meet Obama’s environmental evangelist.

If you have a green career strategy or perspective that you would like to share, do not hesitate to contact us.

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    The growing popularity of “vertical” job boards – those that focus squarely on a particular industry – as well as a preponderance of green job boards is another aspect of the green job search that is making it every-easier to find employment in the field. Many job boards out there also have a number of positions listed for entry-level folks, so this movement is not just towards highly-experienced employees.

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    Resumes that make a good first impression emphasize specific accomplishments. Did you Manage a team that introduced a profitable new product? Create and implement a money or time-saving process? Use specific examples to highlight your accomplishments.