As the discussion continues on the true impact of emissions on climate change, many companies are reevaluating the internal impacts pending legislation may have on costs.  For the first time, businesses are evaluating emissions as a waste stream that will be part of total lifecycle cost.

Leading companies are becoming increasing aware of the benefits, as well as, the cost savings associated with sustainable changes in their organization.  Managing and planning a company’s operations to reduce environmental impacts can result in reductions in resource consumption, emissions, and waste streams.  These managed processes can also be linked to capital and operating cost reductions.

In general, business sustainability has been especially hard for many companies to quantify and measure.  By qualifying carbon emissions as a true process waste stream, companies are becoming increasing aware of the potential impacts and considering sustainable management strategies.

Our sustainability consulting experience has taught us that the successful implementation of sustainability concepts requires a defined link to specific business metrics.  Business sustainability strategies often include:

•    Organizational commitment to sustainability as corporate value creator.

•    Life cycle focused design of products and services.

•    Continuous integration of sustainability concepts in manufacturing and production processes.

•    Active supply chain management to establish standards and improves efficiencies.

•    Transparent environmental, social, and financial accounting and reporting.

With expanding global policies and new US legislation on the immediate horizon, it has become critical for many companies to have a comprehensive emissions reduction strategy.  Businesses must begin to understand the risks and costs of both their direct and indirect exposure.  Taiga Company offers professional consulting and small business resources to companies implementing business sustainability strategies to reduce emissions.

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Julie Urlaub is Founder and Managing Partner of Taiga Company, a sustainability consulting firm located in Houston, Texas dedicated to accelerating the integration of sustainability concepts in business and daily living. Julie leverages over 15 years of Consulting and Business Development experience in Energy Management Services, Oil and Gas, Medical, and Information Technology industries. Today, as a sustainability consultant, Julie speaks, writes, and advises clients on a variety of issues related to the intersection between environmental stewardship, sustainable business practices, and sustainable living. Visit Taiga Company's website