Green_InvestmentOver $1.248 trillion have been invested by investors and entrepreneurs insolar, wind, geothermal, ocean/hydro, energy efficiency and storage, and agriculture since 2009.

by Tracey de Morsella

Last week, Ethical Markets Media and The Climate Prosperity Alliance launched their Global Climate Prosperity Scoreboard, which tracks private investment in companies growing the green economy globally. This new, never before reported number, showing $1,248,740,645,993.00 (over $1.248 trillion) in total investment since 2007, indicates how investors and entrepreneurs are leading governments in promoting sustainable growth.  The Scoreboard indicates which investments have been publicly announced and committed by major companies for 2010 and beyond. The scoreboard totals investments in solar, wind, geothermal, ocean/hydro, energy efficiency and storage, and agriculture. The $1.248 trillion of investments are not only from North America and Europe, but also from China, India, Brazil and other developing countries.

“Private capital investment is now leading globally in promoting technological innovation and resource efficiency that will accelerate environmentally and socially sustainable industrial growth and economic development throughout the world,” said Dr. Marc A. Weiss, Chairman and CEO of Global Urban Development and Chair of the Climate Prosperity Alliance.

The Climate Prosperity Alliance uses the Climate Solutions 2 computer model of Australia’s Climate Risk Pty., showing how $1 trillion invested every year for the next 10 years can assure the global transition to sustainable prosperity and job growth. This $10 trillion is less than the bailouts of failed banks in the USA and Europe and less than 10% of the world’s pension and institutional funds of $120 trillion. Institutional fund managers can shift 10% of their assets away from hedge funds, risky derivatives and commodity speculation to real investments in a greener global economy, thereby assuring their beneficiaries a healthier future.

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Author: Tracey de Morsella (323 Articles)

Tracey de Morsella started her career working as an editor for US Technology Magazine. She used that experience to launch Delaware Valley Network, a publication for professionals in the Greater Philadelphia area. Years later, she used the contacts and resources she acquired to work in executive search specializing in technical and diversity recruitment. She has conducted recruitment training seminars for Wachovia Bank, the Department of Interior and the US Postal Service. During this time, she also created a diversity portal called The Multicultural Advantage and published the Diversity Recruitment Advertising Toolkit, a directory of recruiting resources for human resources professionals. Her career and recruitment articles have appeared in numerous publications and web portals including Woman Engineer Magazine,, Job Search Channel, Workplace Diversity Magazine, Society for Human Resource Management web site, NSBE Engineering Magazine,, and Human Resource Consultants Association Newsletter. Her work with technology professionals drew her to pursuing training and work in web development, which led to a stint at Merrill Lynch as an Intranet Manager. In March, she decided to combine her technical and career management expertise with her passion for the environment, and with her husband, launched The Green Economy Post, a blog providing green career information and covering the impact of the environment, sustainable building, cleantech and renewable energy on the US economy. Her sustainability articles have appeared on Industrial Maintenance & Plant Operation, Chem.Info,FastCompany and CleanTechies.

  • Dr John Barrington Leigh

    Cleaned version.

    For over 50 years I have observed how the signal difference between the Conservative and theWorkers’
    outlooks is: Feelgood versus NotFeelGood.
    Your dry unrelativised statistic is a Business FeelGood drug
    Ther is no indication or implication analysed regarding climate
    remedies in anything but medium term, currently considered to be
    too long-term. The treatment looks at medium and high profit-
    greed motivation. It looks at job-creation possibilities.
    Nowhere does it look at reducing our profligate energy
    consumption in the face of 1/3 of our species sufferinging,
    to most of us, unimagineable poverty, survival pain and death.
    Soon there could well be a drive to make the Pentagon, the
    world’s larget carbon footprint per capita machine, into a
    Green War Machine.
    Not until we become scared of the climate will we do anything
    about it. As soon as we are scared or are told to be scared ,
    we invade anywhere on Earth. We never invade ourselves
    and our greedy mean habits. We go on believing in President
    Father Xmas governments and are so parochiual in our
    perspective that we pretend convincingly to oursleves that
    our minimicro-spending habits don’t add up to global trouble,
    and that investments, like buying the $1T annual printed
    USA debt is a good and sensible investment. Just like the
    trillion we have shifted our money, real or borrowed, into
    Green Industry.
    It would be sad indictment, perhaps a permanent one,
    should we have to wait for a global catastrophe before we
    realise the above problems canot be Conned away by
    FeelGood economics and the impenetrable decisions,
    based on decades-away-from-us sescrets,. of our planetary
    Leader and his Coalition of the unwilling-Willing.