Walden University Online MBA Concentration in Sustainable Futures.Walden University Online MBA Concentration in Sustainable Futures. Students will develop the skills to manage large-scale change that adds value, contributes to a sustainable future, and responds to the needs of both organizations and society. Students will also explore ways to understand and improve relationships among individuals, organizations, and communities. This program teaches how to incorporate global awareness into planning, operations, and decision-making at all levels of an organization. Graduates will be able to develop innovative social responsibility practices as they help organizations respond in sustainable ways to their communities and the world. Click here, for more information about the Walden University Online MBA Concentration in Sustainable Futures.

Iowa State University College of Business Collaborative MBA Program – Sustainable Agriculture Minor. Ames, IA
The MBA with a minor in Sustainable Agriculture applies an innovative interdisciplinary and interdepartmental approach to graduate education, which allows students to build knowledge and skills from a diverse group of faculty and graduate students. Corporate Social Responsibility, the core value of the Iowa State MBA program, integrates three key dimensions to responsible, strategic business decision making – economical considerations, social implications, and environmental impacts. Coupling corporate social responsibility with a strong business education, the Iowa State MBA is a powerful program designed to foster knowledgeable leaders with the confidence and skills to excel in their chosen career fields.

Maharishi University of Management MBA in Sustainability. Fairfield, IA. The MBA in Sustainable Business covers five key areas: Self Sustainability; Sustainable Entrepreneurship; Sustainable Business Solutions; Sustainable Management and Sustainable Living. Students apply the knowledge from their courses to create sustainable business plans. Experienced business managers, as well as a team of faculty, provide mentoring and feedback throughout the business plan project. Students learn to design and manage new enterprises through the application of sustainable business process improvement, achieving balanced and integrated improvements in the performance of any organization, and delivering value to all the stakeholders including customers, employees, shareholders, community, and environment. These improvements include reliability, efficiency and continuous innovation. Using customer-centered approaches, students apply process improvement techniques as consultants to an actual business.

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