pamela-cargillPamela Cargill, Principal Chaolyst, grew a mom and pop solar contracting company from a three-person basement office into a $1M 8-person operation with warehousing and continued to help it grow through various roles over two mergers and acquisitions into a major regional player posting almost $60M in sales. She proudly boasts 10+ years as a solar energy and sustainability advocate. She has designed both on and off grid solar electric and solar thermal systems for residential and small commercial customers as well as developed sharp marketing materials, executed advertising and consumer-focused event strategies, and managed public relations and corporate websites.

Ms. Cargill has spoken at workforce development conferences and events advising job seekers on how to work toward landing their dream job in the growing green economy. She has also advised curriculum and workshop development for solar energy-related programs. She is active at national solar industry conferences speaking about marketing and operations best practices for small solar energy companies.

Ms. Cargill’s background is as a writer both creative and technical and an inquisitive scientist. She holds a B.A. from Hampshire College where she developed her own program of study in solar energy system design. During her academic career she implemented three off-grid system designs, two of which were mobile platforms, one of which she lived and traveled with for an entire summer across the United States and Canada. She also immersed herself in sustainability studies which further contextualized the global need for immediate solutions to the world’s food, water, and energy crises. Finally, she rounded out her curriculum with immersion in internet new media through which she developed custom classroom collaboration tools based on first generation open-source and free software tools like wikis, early content management systems for course websites, and easy-to-use web-based file sharing tools.

Ms. Cargill believes strongly about participating in the national conversations about renewable energy and contributes actively at the following sites: Renewable Energy and Solar Feeds Network

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