Madeline RavichMadeline Ravich is a sustainability consultant specializing in corporate responsibility, sustainability analytics, and stakeholder engagement. She has performed sustainability risk factor analysis for RiskMetrics Group and also drafts sustainability report language for Fortune 500 and other major corporations with Framework: CR. She currently authors a CSR blog series on Justmeans, where she explores CSR rankings, current events in sustainability, and other topics related to corporate environmental, social, and governance impact.

Previously, Madeline worked as a CSR Reporting Project Consultant for Hasbro, where she performed a strategic assessment of the company’s corporate social responsibility strategy. Madeline has also worked as a sustainability consultant for the Toy Industry Association and conducted financial modeling for Fair Factories Clearinghouse. Before moving into the field of sustainability consulting, Madeline served as Director of World Wildlife Fund as the Director of the Partners in Conservation Program.
Follow Madeline on Twitter @mcravich.  Read Madeline’s CSR blog series at Justmeans.