Jennifer Massie Jennifer Massie is the founder of a recruiting consulting firm called Massie Group.  In recent years, she has directed her efforts toward the renewable energy and clean tech sectors. By doing this, she has been able to combine her previous experience in business development and technology and focus on a field that she has recognized as having positive growth potential and opportunity.  It is also an industry that is close to her heart.  Aside from having her own clean/green clients, she partners with other recruiting firms to assist with their needs and has worked on filling positions that reach across many disciplines. These have included Government/Military, finance, technology/IT, scientific, marketing and sales.  Beyond her more recent recruiting experience, Jenn writes two blogs, has been a founder of a dotcom start-up, and has held various positions in business development and marketing.

Jennifer runs a very active Linkedin Group, called Clean / Green Opportunity.  The group is intended for those interested (job seekers or employers) in the clean / green job market to learn more about the opportunities (or candidates) available to them and advice for transitioning or continuing a career in this sector.  She also has a related blog that is intended for those interested in the clean / green sector job market to learn more about the opportunities available to them.  Click here, to subscribe to her blog.

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