Javier Herrero is an expert in developing and managing new business ventures in tough competitive markets both for domestic markets as well as for global ones. Mr. Herrero is a specialist in M&A activities as well as the preparation, management and expansion of companies focused on expanding into adjacent or international markets albeit organically, by acquisitions and/or strategic alliances. He has done business on a global scale in IT and Renewable Energy and has a strong financial background

Mr. Herrero is Managing Partner in Bauhaus Capital Partners an M&A firm dedicated to investment and business development in the renewable energy and cleantech sectors. As an investment advisory firm it provides services in the small to middle market for both investors and companies specific to the renewable energy market. The firm typically works with private equity, venture capital or financing of projects and companies in the range of 10M € to 100M € and targeted to a range of investor profile form independent power providers and institutional investors through to hedge funds and family offices. Read his Renewable Energy Investment, Acquisitions and Business Development Blog. Follow him on Twitter @jherrerosdc.