Irv Weinberg is a nationally known marketing and advertising executive with more than 30 years in senior management at America’s best-known advertising and marketing agencies including Young & Rubicam, Wells, Rich & Greene, Jack Tinker & Partners, Lintas and Grey Advertising.  As a principal and co-founder of Mind Over Markets, Irv has helped many green businesses and initiatives achieve outstanding and sustained success. He was also the creator and co-host of America the Green, one of the top-ranked environmental podcasts on iTunes. Irv is also a well-known and well-published blogger on many green websites and social communities. He and his partner, Carolyn Parrs, are featured authors in Thomson Reuters’ book, Inside the Minds: Greening Your Business. For the last 10 years, Irv has taken his long experience and devoted it to helping companies bring the green message to consumers everywhere. He understands the need and systems necessary to bring green to the mainstream by creating messages that are both persuasive and relevant. It is this understanding of the hearts and minds of the green consumer that has made Irv a sought-after keynote speaker, writer, blogger and marketing specialist in the green world.