Eamon KeaneMy name is Eamon Keane and after an undergrad in Mechanical Engineering I’m now studying for an Energy Systems postgrad degree at University College Dublin. Prescriptions for our energy challenge should be firmly rooted in numbers. Rhetoric is not a sufficient criterion for a realistic energy policy. Peak oil is looming on the horizon. Over 50m vehicles are sold per year and the global vehicle fleet is 900m and rising. One or two billion people in Asia aspire to car ownership. To quote David MacKay: “Every BIG helps. If everyone does a little we will only achieve a little”. I’ve been looking for BIG multi-million barrel per day solutions to peak oil. However the easy oil fruit has largely been picked after the west jettisoned fuel oil for power generation in the wake of the 1970’s oil shocks. It will be an uphill battle to reduce oil use. I’m looking for a job in the energy sector