david_photoDavid L. Levy is Chair of the Department of Management and Marketing at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. He teaches courses in international business, strategy, business and climate change, and business and society. He recently founded and is now Director of the Center for Sustainable Enterprise and Regional Competitiveness, whose mission is “to foster a transition to a clean, sustainable, and prosperous economy”. David’s research examines corporate strategic responses to climate change, the growth of the clean energy business sector, and the emergence of carbon disclosure as a form of governance. He also writes about the role of business in the governance of contested social and environmental issues. He has published and lectured widely on these topics. He was recently PI on a grant from the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center to develop sustainability education programs. He is also engaged in collaborative research with colleagues at the University of Oxford, the University of Western Sydney, and other institutions. He edits the blog Climate Inc. on business and climate change. David holds a DBA from Harvard University, an MBA from Tel Aviv University, Recanati School of Management, and an M.Sc. from Manchester University.

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