Dani GlaserDani Glaser is the founder and principal of Green Team Spirit, which helps businesses and non-profits “go green” using an interdisciplinary and unified team approach between management and employees.  Green Team Spirit provides on-site consulting as well as virtual training and support programs.

Dani has a background in direct marketing, media communications and non-profit development. She has been a loyal advocate for environmental issues for many years, and serves on several councils to address climate change in Westchester County, NY and local communities. As a member of the Westchester County Global Warming Task Force, Dani served on the Business Sector committee where she studied various models for green business network development. Her advocacy of a “green team” approach to address environmental and social issues at the organizational level is a direct result of this work.  Follow Dani on Twitter @GreenTeamSpirit.. Connect with Dani on Facebook. Read The Green Team Spirit Blog.Visit www.GreenTeamSpirit.com to learn how your organization can go green with a    top-notch green team!