Christopher GleadleChristopher Gleadle is a writer on sustainability and business as well as the founder of The CMG Consultancy: the sustainability performance agency – consulting, advising as well as setting strategy and policies to optimize business environments and manage sustainability risks and challenges. CMG installs the skills, processes and working environments to create ongoing value through leveraging a cycle of continuous improvement.

CMG delivers the results of ongoing value improvement by transcending the duality of environmental concerns and making a profit; therefore exposing the false divides between social, environmental and business thinking. Thus, we set robust, wide ranging KPIs to establish the status of sustainability, and trust, by which the client is going to be environmentally and socially valued.

Prior to CMG, Christopher delivered sustainability analysis and advice, having written: Sustainable Growth through Sustainable Business. This business guide highlights the what, why and how a three-dimensional sustainability strategy and quality stakeholder engagement programme, optimizes operations, assets and resources… improving company value and the legitimacy to win.

His commercial career has spanned 25 years in business development. Christopher has developed and delivered a wide range of professional services across: Paper, IT, Automotive, Finance, Advertising and Marketing sectors. He has extensive experience in building new businesses, developing sustainability into organizational processes and designing training solutions to effect the implementation of large-scale change management programmes.

Twitter @cmgconsultancy