brad-zarnettBrad Zarnett is the Founder and Director of the Toronto Sustainability Speaker Series. He also leads the sustainability practice at Eco-Opportunity Consulting Inc. where he helps companies find the economic opportunities created by embracing sustainability as part of their overall business strategy.

Brad is a results oriented professional who coaches organizations to think strategically about a sustainable approach to business. He moves companies beyond simple green initiatives and taps into the strengths of an organization to capitalize on significant economic opportunities. His methodology uses proven techniques that engage and empower both leaders and employees to effect change within their organization. His passion for environmental issues is matched only by his passion for helping clients to maximize their success through sustainable business practices.

Brad’s expertise lies in sustainability strategy development and implementation. His client-centered approach focuses on cost reductions, organizational change strategies and market share expansion. He is a strategic thinker who is adept at focusing on details while never losing sight of the big picture. His varied professional experiences allow him to identify trends and offer keen insight into a variety of business sectors. Brad prepares companies to become fierce competitors in today’s green economy.

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