Networking is considered one of the most valuable strategies for ensuring career success.  Often, the most effective ways to network is through professionals groups.  In keeping with our Women’s History Month theme,  I have created a list of 10 active networking groups for women pursuing sustainable energy and environmental careers.  Let us know if you are aware of any additional green networking groups for women.

EcoWomen is a Washington, DC-based social community of women who care about the environment.   The group fosters networking, collaboration, and career-building opportunities at every professional level.  Ecowomen host monthly EcoHour events featuring guest speakers who are the pioneers, inspirers and leaders of the environmental movement.   They also host book club meetings, potluck dinners, environmental film club gatherings, forums, and EcoHome presentations .   Ecowomen has an announcement email mailing list and an email community discussion group.

ENERGIA is an international network on women and sustainable energy which links individuals and groups concerned with energy, environment, and women. ENERGIA aims to strengthen the role of women in sustainable energy development through information exchange, training, research, advocacy, and action.  The group has more than 800 members in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe, and North America.

Forum of Women in the Environmental Field
The Forum of Women in the Environmental Field is a professional organization for women with careers in the environmental field works to help members to build personal and professional networks and promote a better understanding of an individual’s role in preserving and improving the environment.  The Forum sponsors six events a year on topics related to the environment or environmental careers.  Speakers are drawn from a pool of local and national figures working in a variety of environmentally-related fields.

National Society of Women Environmental Professionals
The National Society of Women Environmental Professionals is a national non-profit professional association of women involved or interested in environmental law, science, business, and policy.  Members include attorneys, consulting scientists and engineers, non-profit organizations, students, educators, government employees, and the regulated community.   The group works to encourage education and professional development, exchange of substantive information and work experiences, networking, and public service.  There are chapters in New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Illinois,  North Carolina, Colorado and Massachusetts.

New England Women in Energy & the Environment
New England Women in Energy & the Environment was formed a few weeks ago bring together local women interested in clean energy and the environment.  The group works to help educate through panel discussions on energy and environmental issues as well as organize outreach activities aimed at young women. New England Women in Energy & the Environment also celebrate the achievements and contributions of women in the energy and environmental sectors.   Judy Chang of The Brattle Group at 617.864.7900.

Women in Fuel Cells Network
The Women in Fuel Cells Network was formed last October.  The mission of Women in Fuel Cells Network is to foster the professional growth and leadership of women in the fuel cell industry, provide a forum for discussion of issues common to our members, and encourage scientists, engineers and professionals to pursue careers in hydrogen and fuel cells.  Currently their efforts are coordinated through a yahoogroups mailing list.

Women in Renewable Energy and Development (WIRED)
Women in Renewable Energy and Development (WIRED) is a professional organization for women in the Washington, DC area, who work in renewable energy, and energy-related international development. The purpose of WIRED is for members to meet other women involved in the renewable energy industry to develop professional and social relationships; share information on mutual interests in renewable energy and development; promote the use of renewable energy technologies which improve people’s quality of life everywhere in the world, with particular attention to improving the lives of women; promote the involvement of women in the renewable energy field; and learn about other companies, organizations, careers and employment opportunities in the domestic and international energy sectors.

Women of Wind Energy
Women of Wind Energy (WoWE) is a group of individuals who support and encourage the participation and advancement of professional women in the wind energy industry.  It promotes greater involvement and employment of women in the wind energy industry, and provides a unique professional networking forum.    Women of Wind Energy  host annual scholarship luncheons, and regular event meet ups and chapter meetings across the country. They have chapters in Boston, Denver, Canada, Chicago, Minneapolis, New York, New Jersey, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Texas and Vermont.  They are working to organize more chapters.  The Women of Wind Energy also maintain an email announcement list that distributes periodic announcements of events, networking opportunities, job openings, and other resources.

Women’s Council on Energy and the Environment
The Women’s Council on Energy and the Environment is a Washington, DC-based organization that works to dialogue on cutting-edge energy and environmental issues and to foster the personal and professional growth and leadership abilities of its members. They do this by providing educational and networking opportunities in an open, cooperative and supportive environment. The Women’s Council on Energy and the Environment has the following Special Interest Groups: Air, Energy, International, Natural and Cultural Resource Prevention, Pollution Prevention, RCRA/Solid Waste, Superfund, and Water. The group hosts regular brown bag lunches, breakfasts, meetings, happy hours, forums, and conferences with high profile panels and speakers.

Women’s Environmental Council
The Women’s Environmental Council (WEC) is a California-based, non-profit association of women professionals in various environmental fields.  The group strives to enrich the experiences of our members, the impact of the environmental industry, and the well-being of our communities.   WEC works to plays a vital role in providing leadership on environmental issues, encouraging diversity in environmental careers, enhancing the professional skills of their members and educating our communities about environmental topics.  The mission of the Women’s Environmental Council is to make a difference in the community through leadership, education, communication, and environmental activities. Through a forum which facilitates dialogue, interaction, and exploration, we strive for the growth of our professions and the betterment of the environment. Through membership, community outreach programs, educational activities, and promotion of environmental careers, WEC provides opportunities for women to be involved, grow personally and professionally, and gain knowledge and skills critical for their success. The group has chapter in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego. The San Diego Chapter uses Yahoo Groups to send out meeting reminders.

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I just found the following new group: Women In Solar Energy (WISE)
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