Internship Spotlight: Ceres Corporate Social Responsibility Summer Internship – Update: This Postion has Been Filled

Ceres is seeking a small number of dynamic, committed interns who would find it exciting to be at the center of one of the most effective corporate social responsibility groups in the world. Ceres interns support program staff working with a wide variety of constituents within the Ceres network: environmental activists, investors, funders, and corporations. While providing some administrative support, interns will primarily work in one of the following areas using skills in research, project coordination, IT and communications.

Four Steps You Can Take to Get a Green Job within Your Own Company

There are four strategies you can use to get a green job within your own company. Green initiatives are gaining popularity and companies are increasingly launching green initiatives. They are likely to try to hire someone from the inside before looking for someone from the outside. Find out how you can get on the top of the list for consideration for these exciting career opportunities.

What’s Missing From The Green Stimulus?

Tamara Giltsoff, managing director of OZOlab, called “The U.S. Stimulus Package: What’s Missing?”She feels that innovation got left out of the stimulus. She feels in does not address how to get to a sustainable economy nor does she feel that it addresses the unsustainable consumption that is ingrained in our way of doing business and our overall way of life. Her list of what she thinks should be done is summarized in this article.

The Business Case for Green Corporate Strategies: The Supply Management Perspective

Green Corporate Strategies – Issues and Implementation from the Supply Management Perspective” delves into some of the definitions of “green” and “sustainability,” the drivers for green initiatives, the business case for green, recommendations for establishing internal and external green strategies, emerging standards and benchmarks, and information on “greenwashing.” It also includes a case study from The Auto Club Group and several Internet resources for further information.

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