Transitioning from High Tech to Green Tech

Transitioning from High Tech to Green Tech

The greentech top talent shortage is real. Green industries’ high growth and fast innovation, makes for fierce competition among experienced green professionals. High tech-experienced talent is filling some of the demand; the ease of transition depends on the role and industry.

First Green Data Center Degree Established

Last week, IBM announced a collaboration with Metropolitan Community College (MCC) in Omaha, Nebraska, to develop a first-of-its-kind green data center management degree using IBM hardware, software and online skills training resources. The two-year associates degree includes courses to help students gain technical and business skills to prepare them for careers in the design and management of energy efficient data centers.

Interview Series: Transition to a Clean / Green Career #2: From Software to Solar

This is the second installment of my weekly series of interviews I have conducted with people who have made a career transition to the clean/green sector. Last week focused on my interview with with Glenn Booth, VP of Marketing & Business Development at Cool Energy, Inc. He has made the transition from telecom to solar. This week we are presenting my interview with Laks Sampath, who is a Principal with ElliptlQ Energy Partners, who transitioned from working with dotcoms to solar.

Interview Series: Transition to a Clean / Green Career #1: From Telecom to Solar

Guest Post by Jennifer Massie, founder of Massie Group, a recruiting consulting firm I have decided to conduct a series of interviews with people who have made a career transition to the clean/green sector.  This could include any type of business related to renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable business, etc. I am finding more and […]

The Dark Side of the Smart Grid (Updated)

The Smart Grid promises to make our energy (and also water and sewage systems) more efficient, robust and responsive by building a paired parallel information and control network onto the existing distribution networks. However hooking up the grid’s multitude of component units to a network also opens up the potential for the grid to be hacked — in much the same way anything that is exposed to the internet can be hacked.

How Software Will Help Build the Green Cloud

Many people in the software industry have heard the buzzword cloud computing. Cloud computing promises to revolutionize how computing is done and huge investments are being made by the major players in the industry to stake out a portion of this sector. The infrastructure that underlies the cloud is a massive energy consumer. What is needed is for the idea of a green cloud to also catch on within the industry. A green cloud is cloud computing that uses intelligent power management and cooling to minimize its energy needs for some given level of service.