Calling All Accountants Seeking a Green Career

Over at JustMeans, Dave Stanis, of the Campbell Soup Company, speculated that based on current trends, carbon accounting will be a growing, in demand, career specialty. He recommends taking classes in carbon accounting. I think he is on to something because Groom Energy has declared 2009 the Year of Enterprise Carbon Accounting and a recent Greenhouse Gas Management Institute study revealed that the industry is suffering from a profound skills shortage. For those of you who have never heard of carbon accounting, it is the accounting undertaken to measure the amount of carbon dioxide equivalents that will not be released into the atmosphere as a result of Flexible Mechanisms projects under the Kyoto Treaty.

As The Recession Pushes Businesses into Survival Mode, Companies Will Become Less Committed to Climate Change

Climate change will fall down the corporate agenda as the global economic crisis continues. However, the global recession is having a mixed effect Many firms will make energy efficiency a high or moderate priority over the next two years in a bid to cut costs. Forty percent of executives surveyed also say their firms have developed new products or services.

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