The Traits of a Highly Effective and Successful Chief Sustainability Officer

The Traits of a Highly Effective and Successful Chief Sustainability Officer

Verdantix, recently released a free report, that explains why the Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) is needed, defines the role of the CSO, and provides a profile to guide the appointment of the CSO. It also explains why organizations face a climate change and sustainability management deficit, why fixing sustainability governance gains is becoming a major priority by a growing number of firms, how the CSO can spearhead business transformation, who the ideal candidate for the chief sustainability officer role is, and what are the three priority areas of domain expertise.

Free Guide on Corporate Sustainability for The Newly Initiated

Corporate Sustainability in Context: A Pocket Guide to (Nearly) Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Corporate Sustainability provides a very thorough overview about corporate sustainability. This 55-page booket, published by Context, a corporate sustainability consultant organization, has been updated to include recent developments in this rapidly evolving area.

The Best Climate Change Consulting Firms – Who are They?

In the US market demand for advice on climate change and sustainability is growing due to a dramatic shift in US climate change policy, the cost reduction potential of “green” programs and competitive pressure to implement a climate change strategy. Consulting firms that fail to establish their climate change expertise during 2009 will miss out on the biggest opportunity in the consulting market for 20 years, according to independent research conducted by Verdantix. The ground-breaking analysis of the US climate change consulting market applies 56 evaluation criteria to assess 19 consulting and professional services firms including BCG, Booz & Company, CH2M Hill, ENVIRON, ERM, Ernst & Young, ICF International, McKinsey & Company, PA Consulting Group and PwC.