Green Economy Post is Live Blogging Sustainable Brands 10The Sustainable Brands 10 Conference, held in Monterey, CA from June 7-10, is probably the hottest ticket in town for people working with sustainability issues.  Over 700+ business and brand strategists, designers, sustainability executives,  and communications experts will attend this 4th annual gathering of business innovators focused on building brand value through sustainability.  Unfortunately, not all of us will be able to attend.  While we cannot get you there, we can do the next best thing…  Live blog Sustainable Brands 10 for you.

So, join us next week when we live blog the entire event.  Our team of seven sustainability experts will be providing analysis, tweeting, reporting, uploading images, conducting interviews, showcasing videos from the event each day.

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Our coverage starts on Tuesday, June 8 at 9:00 am.

Tune in to our virtual coverage of Sustainable Brands ’10 to get the inside scope on the following sessions: OPENING NIGHT; Welcome and Morning Kick Off; The Unfolding Green Brands Landscape: Notes on the Trendline; Re-Defining the Metrics of Success: The Emerging Measures of Qualitative Growth; Responsibility AND Profit: From Corporate Responsibility to Responsible Profit; Design for Behavior Change: Helping Consumers Co-Create a Better World; Today’s Data Explosion and the Drive to Radical Corporate Transparency; Open Innovation: An Apropos Paradigm Shift for Sustainable Brand Innovators; GreenXchange AND the Effort to Speed Eco-Innovation; Solutions Innovation to the Rescue: Making the Waste = Resource Connection; Telling Your Story: CSR Reporting Case Studies Unwrapped; CSR’s Seven Best Practices; Getting Beyond the Spreadsheet: New Tools for Measuring Impact; Collaborating To Protect Our Oceans; Today’s Top Disruptive Sustainable Business Ideas; Applying BioSphere Design Rules to Business ; Influencing Consumer Choice Toward Sustainable Consumption;Future Vision: 3 Snapshots of the Possible; Examining the Sustainable Brand Perception/Reality Gap; Thursday Welcome and Morning Kick-off; The Food Revolution: Rethinking Fast Food; You Are Where You Work: Making the Most of Your Office as Brand; The Path Toward an Abundant AND Sustainable Future: Making Reuse Cool;  and SBIO Winners/SB Leadership Awards/Call to Action: Brands & the American Dream

Tune in to our onsite coverage of Sustainable Brands 10 to get the scope on the following sessions: Green Brands, Global Insights – Lunch Session; Designing NGO/Brand Partnerships for Maximum Reciprocal Value; Motivating Mainstream Consumers to Make Sustainable Choices; Culture Shifts and Brands  ;Transparency vs. Secrecy: When to Talk & What to Say; Getting Beneath Consumer Segmentation: Attitudes and Values and Their Impact on Behavior; Zero $ Marketing: Building a Leading Sustainable Brand, “Organically”; Re-Balancing Your Communications Strategy for Today’s Communication Environment; Beyond Cause Marketing: The Next Frontier in Sustainable Brand Communications; The Sustainable Brands Community: Selling Ourselves (AND Other World Views, Too); How Many Ways Can You Say Green AND Eco AND Solar?; and Lessons From the Field: Driving Sales.

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Schedule subject to change.

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Meet Our Sustainable Brands Live Blogging Team

Tracey de MorsellaTracey de Morsella started her career working as an editor for US Technology Magazine. She used that experience to launch Delaware Valley Network, a publication for professionals in the Greater Philadelphia area. Her career and recruitment articles have appeared in numerous publications and web portals including Woman Engineer Magazine,, Job Search Channel, Society for Human Resource Management web site,, and Human Resource Consultants Association Newsletter.

In March 2009, she decided to combine her technical and career management expertise with her passion for the environment, and with her husband, launched the Green Economy Post. Her sustainability and cleantech articles have appeared on, Reuters Green Business, The Matter Network, Environmental News Network, Industrial Maintenance & Plant Operation,, and Chem.Info. Follow Tracey on Twitter

Cecilia Lu

Cecilia Lu is the founder and co-owner of Kiwano Marketing, a green marketing agency dedicated the development of sustainable businesses and practices. As the Networking Ninja of Kiwano Marketing, her passion is forging relationships through a mix of public relations and social media.

Cecilia has worked primarily with startups and non-profits in the past, and is well-versed in taking a big idea and small budget to the next level. Her years of experience in the ever-growing social media field provide valuable expertise for small businesses in both the strategy and implementation stages.

The Ninja’s drink of choice is a good single malt whiskey.  Get social: Twitter, LinkedIn, FaceBook.

Sofia RibeiroSofia Ribeiro is the founder and co-owner of Kiwano Marketing, a green marketing services provider dedicated to support small, sustainable businesses. An experienced marketing professional and a green enthusiast, Sofia has an extensive marketing background across both small businesses and large enterprises throughout Europe and North America. Her expertise lays in guerrilla marketing and Internet marketing techniques, paired with a solid experience in copy writing and industry research.

Sofia’s articles are regularly featured in industry publications and she’s a contributor writer at The Green Economy Post. Sofia also volunteers with Stanley Park Ecology Society, Canadian Cancer Society and Metro Vancouver. Sofia was runner-up for the New Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2009. Sofia also manages the Kiwano Green Marketing Blog. Sofia can be found on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook

bill-rothBill Roth, President of Northern California Community Technologies (NCCT), a San Francisco based consulting firm helping businesses define and integrate sustainability into their strategies, performance metrics, business processes and branding/marketing is the author of The Secret Green Sauce: Best Practices Used by Actual Companies Successfully Growing Green Revenues.

He is also Entrepreneur.coms Green Business Coach and founder of EARTH 2017. Bill has been a pioneer in sustainability including participation in such marquee accomplishments as launching the first hydrogen fueled Prius as a proof of concept, developing solar power systems using emerging technologies and the design of Real Time Pricing that has enabled consumer acceptance of conservation technologies. His public service includes serving as a corporate sponsor of California’s pioneering legislation capping Green House Gas Emissions, serving on California’s Hydrogen Highway Task Force and serving as an expert witness on solar energy

Michael TamMichael D Tam is a recent graduate from UCLA, class of 2008, currently working in the corporate world of consulting and striving to discover how he can contribute to the world through business and do my part. Although a beginner on this expansive topic, Michael finds his values to be greatly aligned with the principles of redesign and sustainability and hopes to share what he learns as he continue on this exciting journey.From reading informative articles, to viewing eye-catching videos, to attending awe-inspiring events, Michael hopes to capture what he learns and present it in a fashion interesting to you.

Simply a student of the subject, he is interested in the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead in building businesses that are profitable, but can help society in ways never before considered. Michael is striving to use this opportunity to share what he learns with like-minded individuals and hopes that he can add to the innovating discussion.

Naimish UpadhyayNaimish Upadhyay recently graduated with an MS degree in Environmental Science & Policy from the University of South Florida, where he focused on sustainability policies of Florida businesses and local governments. While in graduate school, he was an active member of the Emerging Green Builder’s USF chapter as well as the Student Taskforce on Campus Sustainability at his university. Naimish previously taught college level Environmental Science and Environmental Biotechnology in India.

Given his research and project experience, Naimish is eager to build a professional career in the areas of business sustainability, environmental management systems, sustainability assessment and reporting, and corporate social responsibility. Naimish looks forward to reader feedback.

Julie Urlaub Julie Urlaub is Founder and Managing Partner of Taiga Company, a sustainability consulting firm located in Houston, Texas dedicated to accelerating the integration of sustainability concepts in business and daily living. Julie leverages over 15 years of Consulting and Business Development experience in Energy Management Services, Oil and Gas, Medical, and Information Technology industries.

Today, as a sustainability consultant, Julie speaks, writes, and advises clients on a variety of issues related to the intersection between environmental stewardship, sustainable business practices, and sustainable living. Visit Taiga Company’s website

Follow Julie on Twitter @TaigaCompany

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Tracey de Morsella started her career working as an editor for US Technology Magazine. She used that experience to launch Delaware Valley Network, a publication for professionals in the Greater Philadelphia area. Years later, she used the contacts and resources she acquired to work in executive search specializing in technical and diversity recruitment. She has conducted recruitment training seminars for Wachovia Bank, the Department of Interior and the US Postal Service. During this time, she also created a diversity portal called The Multicultural Advantage and published the Diversity Recruitment Advertising Toolkit, a directory of recruiting resources for human resources professionals. Her career and recruitment articles have appeared in numerous publications and web portals including Woman Engineer Magazine,, Job Search Channel, Workplace Diversity Magazine, Society for Human Resource Management web site, NSBE Engineering Magazine,, and Human Resource Consultants Association Newsletter. Her work with technology professionals drew her to pursuing training and work in web development, which led to a stint at Merrill Lynch as an Intranet Manager. In March, she decided to combine her technical and career management expertise with her passion for the environment, and with her husband, launched The Green Economy Post, a blog providing green career information and covering the impact of the environment, sustainable building, cleantech and renewable energy on the US economy. Her sustainability articles have appeared on Industrial Maintenance & Plant Operation, Chem.Info,FastCompany and CleanTechies.