Green/ethical marketing is “the fad that won’t slip away.”  Empirical interest in this area has increased as corporate attention and activity in the marketplace turn to companies like Marks & Spencer, Nestlé, Tesco, and Procter & Gamble.  The topic of green/ethical marketing has become a central component of the marketing discipline.  This issue will re-visit the subject of contemporary green/ethical issues a decade after Prothero (1998, p.507) first made his prediction that green/ethical marketing was going to stay in Journal of Marketing Management Vol.14, No. 6.

Guest editors Morven G. McEachern and Marylyn Carrigan are calling for papers focusing on the need to evaluate the empirical development that has taken place and thought to its future direction.  Of top interest are theoretical and empirical papers focusing on:

  • Critical reviews of research and history of green/ethical marketing/sustainability;
  • Market development/competition amongst green/ethical brands;
  • Green product and packaging development;
  • Marketing communication tactics used to communicate green/ethical criteria;
  • Cross‐cultural attitudes to pro‐environmental behavior and sustainability;
  • Green/Ethical issues across international markets;
  • Green/ethical issues surrounding consumers and sustainable lifestyles;
  • Green/ethical issues within the supply chain (e.g. local production, carbon footprints);
  • Organizational and consumer attitudes towards waste, disposal and recycling;
  • Green marketing and the retail sector;
  • Green ‘wash’, green ‘spin’, consumer cynicism, distrust and apathy;
  • Ecotourism;
  • Green communities.

The closing date for submissions is 1 March 2011 for publication March 2012.


Papers in other areas will also be considered by the editors. All manuscripts submitted must strictly follow the guidelines for the Journal of Marketing Management. These are available at

Manuscripts should be submitted online using the Journal of Marketing Management ScholarOne Manuscripts site ( from 1 January 2010. New users should first create an account. Once a user is logged onto the site submissions should be made via the Author Centre.

Authors should prepare and upload two versions of their manuscript. One should be a complete text, while in the second all document information identifying the author should be removed from files to allow them to be sent anonymously to referees. When uploading files authors will then be able to define the nonanonymous version as “Complete paper with author details,” and the anonymous version as “Main document minus author information.”

To submit your manuscript to the Special Issue on ReVisiting Contemporary Issues in Green/Ethical Marketing choose the title of the Special Issue from the Manuscript Type list when you come to submit your paper. Also, when you come to the ‘Details and Comments’ page, answer ‘yes’ to the question ‘Is this manuscript a candidate for a

special issue’ and insert the title in the text field provided.

If you have any queries you can direct these to the guest editors:

JMM Special Issue Editorial Team

c/o Dr Morven G. McEachern, Department of Marketing,

Lancaster University Management School, Lancaster, LA1 4YX, UK


Green/Ethical issues across international markets;

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Author: Ben Kelly (3 Articles)

Ben Kelly has had a long history of practicality growing up in rural Saskatchewan, Canada. He comes from a background of sustainability, having been born into a family of farmers. Inspired by his father's engineering work with farming machinery Ben is a supporter of technology that enhances energy-efficiency and lessens our carbon footprint. Ben is a member of the Designer's Accord, a coalition of graphic designers world-wide working together to get the word out on sustainability and green-friendly design. Specializing in communication, Ben is a graphic designer and freelance writer. With several publications in Canada and America and a far-reaching portfolio, his goal is to make sustainability cool.