green-marketing-onlineBill Roth interviews Mike Dodge, President of Atomic Online, who discusses how to shape messaging to green women consumers vs. men.

by Bill Roth, President, Northern California Community Technologies (NCCT), and the author of The Secret Green Sauce: Best Practices Used by Actual Companies Successfully Growing Green Revenues. Follow Bill on Twitter @earth2017. Connect with Bill on Linkedin. Watch other interviews of sustainable leaders at Earth 2017 TV.

Today, 9 out of ten Internet users each month visits a social networking site like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and 94% of consumers conduct online research that influence their purchase decisions! Now a new form of Internet-linked commerce is emerging called T-Commerce. T-Commerce is being driven by the 4% of Americans now using an iPad or similar tablet computer which is creating a whole new retail channel for marketing and selling products. Market research points to T-Commerce growing rapidly and with a future potential for representing up to half of Internet retail sales!

What does this mean to the adoption of sustainability by consumers? And what are the opportunities this is creating for businesses seeking to grow green revenues? One observation is that consumers are increasingly shifting to the Internet and their social networks for insights and advice on finding “in me, on me and around me” product solutions. The combinations of globalization, growth in private-branded products and consumer uncertainty regarding government regulations/labeling oversight are pushing consumers to use their computers, iPads, smart phones and social networks as information resources for answering their greenwashing concerns. One piece of evidence on how brand names are eroding in use by consumers for making purchasing decisions is that only 19% of consumers think a nationally branded product is worth the money! And this shift in how consumers view product value, and what consumers are searching for in terms of “values,” has also migrated into business procurement decisions. One such example of this trend is that 65% of corporate travel executives are implementing green business travel guidelines! Travelocity provides a pioneering example for how to gain competitive advantages through merging the power of the Internet with the search by consumers for green solutions. Travelocity now offers a Eco-Friendly Hotel Directory.

So what are best practices for using social media, websites and the emergence of Internet-videos to connect with green customers? These are the questions I asked Mike Dodge, President of Atomic Online. Atomic Online has developed hugely successful websites including and that are designed in recognition that men and women approach the web from very different perspectives. In this exclusive video interview Mike outlines the best practices for connecting with and selling to women vs. men. And most especially, during this interview we drill down on best practices for selling green products.

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Bill Roth is President of NCCT and is the Green Business Coach for Bill has helped a broad range of companies in designing and implementing strategies, plans and projects that are profitable and green. Bill is also the founder of Earth 2017 and author of The Secret Green Sauce: Best practices used by actual companies successfully growing green revenues">The Secret Green Sauce. Follow Bill on Twitter @earth2017. Connect with Bill on Linkedin.