The Teresa and H. John Heinz III Foundation is funding “The Teresa Heinz Scholars for Environmental Research” and they are looking for doctoral dissertations and Masters Thesis which will help the public understand the previous, current and emerging environmental issues and also helps in providing solutions for these environmental issues.

The Heinz Family Philanthropies are small organization that works towards creating positive change across the philanthropic spectrum with particular interest in health care, women and health, and the environment. They establish private as well as public sector linkages to drive philanthropic innovation. They sponsor a myriad of programs on issues ranging from aging to the environment and from arts to women’s economic opportunities.

The Teresa Heinz Scholars for Environmental research program is driven by commitment to the Environment. They work with one of the foremost institutions of the country seeking to:

  1. Enrich the public’s understanding of emerging environmental issues.
  2. Provide effective solutions for environmental problems.

All fully funded research must have public policy relevance that increases society’s understanding of environmental concerns and proposed solutions. Individuals who do not meet the above criteria will not be considered.


Recipients must participate in either a doctoral or master’s program at the following institutions:

  • Carnegie Mellon University (doctoral and masters)
  • Cornell University (doctoral and masters)
  • Harvard University (doctoral and masters)
  • Pennsylvania State University (doctoral and masters)
  • Princeton University (doctoral and masters)
  • Stanford University (doctoral and masters)
  • Yale University (doctoral and masters)
  • Texas A&M University at Corpus Christi (masters program only)

Award Amount: A total of 16 one-time, one-year awards are offered annually and eight $10,000 awards for doctoral dissertation support and eight $5000 awards.

How to Apply: Applicants must provide all of the following in order to be considered for a Scholars for Environmental Research award.

  1. Application cover sheet.
  2. One-page letter of application addressed to the Teresa Heinz Scholars, which gives the program title of your research and explains (a) the public policy relevance of the research and (b) the value added by this award
  3. Prospectus should be no longer than six pages in length, prepared in a 12 pt. font with 1 line spacing. References or citations should be included in the first six pages. Anything over six pages will not be reviewed.
  4. Completed budget worksheet
  5. Toefl or Melab scores (enclose a copy of these test scores if your first language is not English)
  6. Two letters of recommendation (These letters should be forwarded by the recommender directly to The Heinz Foundation)
  7. Official graduate transcript(s)
  8. Curriculum vitae
  9. Letter from the major professor, department chair, or other university official certifying that by May 31, 2008, the student will have satisfied all requirements for the Ph.D., except the dissertation (dissertation applicants only).

Mail the complete application (exclusive of letters of recommendation) to:
The Teresa Heinz Scholars
for Environmental Research
3200 Dominion Tower
625 Liberty Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Download Application:

  1. To download the application, click here.
  2. To download the application instructions, click here.
  3. To download general information about the program, click here.


Kim O’Dell
Heinz Family Foundation
3200 Dominion Tower
625 Liberty Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Phone: 412 497 5775
FAX: 412 497 5790

Deadline: Application deadline is January 31, 2010
For more detailed information:

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Author: Sharath Bhaskar (6 Articles)

Graduate Student with MS in Environmental Sciences from New Jersey Institute of Technology.