marylhurst MBA in Sustainable Business
Marylhurst University Online MBA in Sustainable Business – concentration in Renewable Energy sheds light on the environmental regulations and policy that impact business decisions, management, and the bottom line. Build a strategy for operational management as you learn to research and implement a plan that accounts for energy use, supply chain management, production, inventory and Total Quality Management (TQM). Click here, for more information about the Marylhurst University Online MBA in Sustainable Business – Renewable Energy..

Alliant International University Marshall Goldsmith School of Management Bright Green MBA. San Diego, CA. The core MBA curriculum is woven into a sequence of courses and experiences that prepare students to be not simply effective leaders, but effective triple-bottom-line leaders for a changing world. Students will attend the program in cohorts over a 24-month period (six terms). Course delivery is offered in a hybrid format. Cohorts of students will attend classes together over long weekends once a month, and via on-line delivery of classes in between the weekends. Two courses are offered in each term and students attend three terms per calendar year. Each term consists of three weekend sessions and approximately five one-hour on-line sessions. The exception to this is the Professional Practice course that will be offered throughout the six terms in small seminars. Courses are arranged in five strands: Foundations of Sustainability; Shifting Mindsets; Making the Business Case; The Strategy of Sustainability; and Professional Practice.

Alliant International University Marshall Goldsmith School of Management MBA Sustainable Business Concentration. San Diego, CA. The Concentration in Sustainable Management typically includes four courses: Sustainable management; Sustainable marketing; Environmental management reporting; and Leadership for the triple bottom line.

Anaheim University Online Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Management. Anaheim, CA. The Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Management provides an opportunity to acquire knowledge in the field of sustainable management from Anaheim University’s Kisho Kurokawa Green Institute. Students select 3 sustainable management courses from a choice of 4. Each course is 6 weeks long making it possible to finish the program in 18 weeks. The Certificate is offered 100% online.

Anaheim University Kisho Kurokawa Green Institute Online Diploma in Sustainable Management. Anaheim, CA. The Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Management provides an opportunity to acquire expertise in the field of sustainable management from Anaheim University’s Kisho Kurokawa Green Institute. Students take 6 graduate-level sustainable management courses, including two customized capstone project courses. Each course is 6 weeks long making it possible to finish the program in under 9 months. The Diploma is offered 100% online.

Anaheim University Online MBA in Sustainable Management. Anaheim, CA. – The Online Green MBA empowers you to succeed in a fiscally, socially and environmentally responsible way. The Program includes: 6 courses in Business Administration from the Anaheim University Akio Morita School of Business Online Global MBA Track; 6 “Green” courses in Sustainable Management through the Anaheim University Kisho Kurokawa Green Institute.

Argosy University MBA Sustainable Management Concentration – Students develop competencies in critical thinking, persuasive communication, systems thinking, change management, leadership, diversity and business ethics. The MBA program can enhance the student’s current or future career potential, and prepare the student for postgraduate work in business. Students take the following courses: Foundations of Sustainable Business; Change Management and the Sustainable Enterprise; Ethical and Economic Dimensions to Sustainable Business and Sustainable Venture Plan Seminar. Additional Locations: Arizona; California; Colorado; Florida; Georgia; Hawaii; Illinois; Minnesota; Tennessee; Texas; Utah; Washington DC and Washington.

California College of the Arts MBA in Design Strategy. San Francisco and Oakland, CA. The MBA in Design Strategy equips students to lead organizations from the unique perspective of design thinking. The program was spearheaded in part by a Presidio graduate, Nathan Shedroff.. By uniting the studies of design, finance, strategy, and sustainability, we provide the tools to manage in today’s interconnected markets with a vision of business as sustainable, meaningful, ethical, profitable, and truly innovative. ur integrated curriculum integrates themes of design-led innovation, sustainability, meaningful experiences, and entrepreneurship with business-related domains of leadership, finance, economics, operations, and marketing.

California State University, San Bernardino Certificate in Environmental Management. San Bernardino, CA. Certificates may be earned by regularly matriculated or extended learning students and denote successful completion of a prescribed program of study designed to a) impart specified professional/vocational/career competencies; or b) produce mastery of the content of a sub-field of an academic major (discipline); or c) provide exposure to the range of materials in a traditional or emerging interdisciplinary field. Environmental Management Certificate courses inlude: Law and Ethics of Environmental Management;International Environmental Management;Natural Resource Management; and Environmental Policy and Management.

Dominican University of California MBA in Sustainable Enterprise. San Rafael, CA. Dominican University of California’s Green MBA program is an accredited, on site graduate program in the San Francisco Bay Area. Graduates receive a Master of Business Administration degree in Sustainable Enterprise. Students have a choice of two-year full-time and three-year part-time structures. The Green MBA curriculum is made up of three major components: business fundamentals, sustainability, and leadership. Sustainability principles are integrated into all courses – in the course content the projects and the assignments. The faculty and staff continually improve and incorporate the latest, most appropriate content for our students.

Dominican University Green Your MBA Executive Certificate Program. San Rafael, CA. Dominican University presents the Green Your MBA executive certificate program, designed for professionals with an MBA or senior management experience who are poised to implement systemic change in their organizations. The program curriculum reflects the pioneering methods and emergent thinking of the best minds in sustainability. It guides participants to the core of today’s sustainability challenges and solutions—and then beyond, to economic and environmental regeneration.

Meridian University MBA in Creative Enterprise: Sustainability • Community • Social Responsibility. Petaluma, CA. Meridian is offering a unique MBA that is designed to develop the skills and capacities required by the emerging creative economy which is now replacing the information economy. As stewards of this global village, we are called to create a movement for generative globalization guided by a vision of sustainability, imagination, social justice, and community. Meridian University’s new MBA in Creative Enterprise, entails a curriculum designed with this intention.  The MBA in Creative Enteprise is offered in two Low-Residence formats:  Option 1: Six weekends and two weeks in residence and Option 2: Online learning plus two weeks in residence.

Monterey Institute of International Studies MBA International Environmental Management Specialization. Monterey, CA. Specializations should comprise a minimum of 5 courses and the equivalent of 15 credits of elective level coursework. Semester-length courses, workshops, and directed studies, may be included. You may supplement with courses from other graduate programs if they tie into your topic. Details of Specialization requirements may be found on the documents linked in the list above. Partial credit may be granted for some courses not on approved lists with approval from the Dean. Once the Specialization topic is identified, a written proposal (one to two pages in length) should be submitted to the MBA Academic Advisor. This proposal must be presented during the first semester for Advanced Entry students, and during the second semester for Two-Year students.

Monterey Institute of International Studies MBA Corporate Social Responsibility Specialization. Monterey, CA. The Corporate Social Responsibility Specialization allows students to tailor a program that incorporates responsible business practices. Full-term courses combined with weekend workshops teach students to identify emerging social and environmental issues, evaluate stakeholder interests, and generate strategic responses and sustainable implementation plans. Classes such as Entrepreneurship & Investing for Sustainability, cover topics like the LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) market, presentation of new ideas, and work design for values-based organizations in order to help students develop tools for applying socially responsible principles to current business environments.

Monterey Institute of International Studies MAIEP/ MBA Dual Degree Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a Master of Arts in International Environmental Policy (MAIEP). Monterey, CA. Combining a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a Master of Arts in International Environmental Policy (MAIEP) will unlock doors not only in business careers but also in government, international organizations, and NGOs. Pursuing a dual degree at the Monterey Institute permits students to complement their MBA studies with a strong concentration in environmental policy and global business.

Presidio School of Management MBA in Sustainable Management. San Francisco, CA. Real-world experience is at the core of the MBA in Sustainable Management program. Students begin working in the field of sustainable management in their second semester through our partnership with dozens of top organization. The Presidio MBA combines the vibrancy of face-to-face learning with the convenience of distance learning. Each semester, students gather for four days a month at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco, where they get not just intensive instruction but the chance to share ideas and build close connections with classmates.

Presidio School of Management MBA/MPA Dual Degree in Sustainable Management. San Francisco, CA. Presidio offers students the ability to earn a dual master’s degree in sustainable management in both business administration and public administration. This unique program prepares students for roles that straddle the blurring line between the public and private sector.

Presidio School of Management Executive Program in Sustainable Management. San Francisco, CA. Presidio’s Executive Program in Sustainable Management is designed to provide a true competitive advantage: Participants gain a deep perspective on what makes a sustainable business, as well as practical skills on how to shift a corporate culture, take realistic steps toward lasting change, win over skeptics, and apply sustainable principles to benefit both the bottom line and society. Modeled after the schools MBA program in Sustainable Management, the 5-month Executive Program integrates sustainability into every aspect of the curriculum. Participants are encouraged to tackle specific business challenges and are required to complete a project or action plan that addresses an opportunity or problem within their organization.

San Francisco Institute of Architecture  MBA in Sustainability Distance Learning Program.  San Francisco, CA
This is a low-cost, self-paced and self-managed program that features courses in eco politics, law and regulation;understanding ecology and climate Change; green capitalism; and ecological design.

San Francisco State University MBA with Sustainable Business Emphasis. San Francisco, CA. Learning outcomes include how to articulate the business case for sustainability, develop and lead internal and external coalitions needed to drive organizational change, and implement metrics for measuring progress and providing accountability.

Stanford Graduate School of Business joint MS Environment & Resources/MBA.  Stanford, CA. This program is for those interested in a career addressing environmental issues either directly or peripherally, you can pursue an MBA from the Business School and an MS in Environment and Resources from the Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources (E-IPER) at the School of Earth Sciences.

University of California, Berkeley Engineering and Business for Sustainability (EBS) Certificate. Berkeley, CA. The Engineering and Business for Sustainability (EBS) Certificate Program is a new initiative to train UC Berkeley graduate students to understand the complexity and urgency of their role in engineering, business, and environmental management, and to work across boundaries to achieve sustainable solutions to pressing societal problems. EBS courses will allow graduate students to tap into the university’s vast multidisciplinary educational resources in the College of Engineering, Haas School of Business, Energy and Resources Group, Goldman School of Public Policy, College of Natural Resources, School of Public Health, and potentially other schools. The goal of the EBS Certificate Program is to produce a cadre of influential problem solvers who can have a lasting beneficial impact on the global environment.

University of California, Irvine Sustainability Leadership Certificate. Irvine, CA. This interdisciplinary program integrates sustainable development and environmentalism with business management strategy to achieve corporate social responsibility. Participants will gain the tools needed to become a leader who can respond to environmental and social needs, while creating strategic innovation, competitive advantage and profitable growth for their organization.

University of California- Los Angeles Anderson School of Management The Leaders in Sustainability Interdisciplinary Certificate Program. Los Angeles, CA. The Leaders in Sustainability program aims to provide a mechanism for graduate students at UCLA to pursue their interests in sustainability and collaborate with students from different fields. Leaders in Sustainability allows students to create a program tailored to their needs and background, by choosing among the sustainability related opportunities at UCLA. Students take a core course in sustainability and relevant electives and participate in leadership training. Additionally, students have a positive impact on the community as they learn experientially by collaborating on client projects for local businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies. Leaders in Sustainability students also give themselves a career edge by developing a broad knowledge of topics that are increasingly relevant to employers.

University of California, San Diego Extension Certificate in Sustainable Business Practices. San Diego, CA. Leading organizations are preparing for compliance with pending environmental regulations and taking advantage of market opportunities afforded by the public interest in climate change and sustainability. They are looking for talent that can help them change their business models and implement sustainable and competitive strategies. Get an overview of environment and sustainability concepts and how to apply and measure them in a business context. In this program, you will learn the core principles behind environmental sustainability; explore the “business case” for sustainability; build hands-on skills for measuring sustainable practices. You will also practice performing a sustainability assessment of an organization and providing recommendations for improving programs and operations. Gain a foundation for impacting sustainable change in the work environment.

University of California- Santa Barbara- Donald Bren School of Environmental Science and Management Master of Environmental Science & Management (MESM) with a Specialization in Corporate Environmental Management. Santa Barbara. CA.  Corporate Environmental Management (CEM) grounds students in how private-sector firms may address environmental and natural resource issues in a manner that also promotes shareholder value, thus creating the important link between the quality of environmental and natural resources and a firm’s overall market objectives. Students learn how new capabilities can be developed that enhance sound competitive strategy and incorporate environmental and resource objectives while responding to new market opportunities, social demands, and regulatory pressures. They learn to identify, evaluate, measure, and present sources of competitive advantage that have beneficial environmental, resource, and financial consequences. They also examine how and when private market solutions to environmental and resource problems are advantageous; the property rights and other institutions necessary for these market outcomes to occur; and the interaction required among stakeholders ranging from management and employees to politicians and NGOs. Students learn organizational structure and behavior, examine why some regulatory systems perform better than others, and explore the range of policy instruments available to guide corporations’ actions. These skills are gained through a combination of core classes for the MESM, elective classes for the CEM specialization, and the Group Project.. CEM students often add an Eco-Entrepreneuship focus to their specialization since the courses required for this are appropriate electives for the CEM specialization and hence they can easily add this focus without having to take more than the minimum 81 required units for the MESM degree.

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