This post makes the argument for why green businesses should consider maintaining green business blogs even if they already have an existing portal website fronting their business on the web; blogs are different and have their own unique strengths and character. They reach people in a different and many feel quite powerful way and blogs can help you build your online presence.

by Lorna Li, Founder & Editor in Chief of Green Marketing TV, a news blog dedicated to empowering green and social entrepreneurs. Follow Lorna on Twitter @lornali. Connect with Lorna on Linkedin. Connect with Lorna on Facebook.

Gaining exposure is necessary when it come to successfully starting a green business and generating new clients is also important. Keeping customers informed and having accessibility to you and your company should be a top priority. A great way to do this is by creating a green business blog. With the increase in technology information and the outlets provided to you for free, beginning a green business blog for your green business is a great way to market and gain new customers. Let’s start with this…

A Quick Blog Refresher

A blog is basically an online journal where you can write, read, edit, publish and share personal or business information. Stemmed from the words “web log,” a blog is a website that incorporates regular entries written by an individual, including event updates, and other material that you want to share, i.e. pictures, videos, announcements, links, etc. Blogs can be easily maintained without prior knowledge of the technical aspects of web design. The many free blogging platforms make it possible for anyone to make one. Sometimes blogs can be made for personal use to write about your days, similar to a journal. Other people utilize blogs to write about certain themes or areas of interest. They also allow for users and viewers to comment on any updates you publish. If you’re running a business, utilizing these blogging tools and technology to promote your message of going green is an efficient and promising way.

I Already Have my Green Business Website, Why Do I Need a Green Blog too?

While having a website with your own personal URL for your green business is great to have, establishing a green business blog will help you succeed just as much, if not more.

Websites are great because they show an amount of stability and a concrete place for establishing your internet presence. Blogs, however, will generate traffic and can bring new customers into your website. Usually blogs are generated or hosted by a main website such as or Like Facebook or Twitter, there are already users plugged in and skimming other people to be “friends” or “follow.” Blogs are just a free way to give you more accessibility to your customers or new customers, and at the same time, they can have easy access to you. Spreading the green message about your business is already something that needs promotion in its own. See [The Small Business Road Map to Launching a Green Brand Online] The tools necessary to do this are out there and ready to be utilized. Having your green business blog will allow you to do the following:

* Keep your customers updated and current with all the exciting news and things to look forward to from your business
* A direct message feed on your green business blog will allow your customers to know your current special offers
* Direct contact with customers and hear feedback concerning your business will be easily accessible
* Allow communication of new ideas and create an outlet for sharing your experiences from having a green business
* Generate traffic from your green business blog to your website

A Green Business Blog Can Benefit You in Many Ways

As stated before, blogs can be free and with a little extra time, you can have it up and running in a matter of minutes. Marketing strategies for businesses usually generate the same way. With any business, you can really utilize the internet to your advantage. Without having to print and throw away paper for flyers and other promo things, establishing a green blog is just another way to promote and market your business in a eco-friendly way. These are the key points in what a green blog can do for your business:

* Creating your blog and keeping it current with new content will increase your SEO (search engine optimization) – that means, search engines will pick up your blog more and more with your updates.
* When you write and publish your blogs with updates, you can fill it up with keywords like “going green,” “buy green,” “green furniture,” “green household items” – whatever your green business is about, you can utilize keywords into your updates which will increase traffic to your site
* Creating a blog will also allow you to have more pages so you can interlink your blog posts and product pages, thus driving more traffic to your website
* Also a cool thing, you can get more involved with your customers and be able to receive and share information about being green and possibly creating a green living blog

So if you haven’t started a blog, you should today. Whether you’re running a green business or not, it’s a free and easy way to promote and market your business. It’s easy, fun, and can make your business grow.

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Author: Lorna Li (2 Articles)

Lorna Li, Founder & Editor in Chief, Green Marketing TV, a news blog dedicated to empowering green and social entrepreneurs. Lorna is a green marketing expert who enjoys helping others leverage social media for personal branding and career development, especially in the sustainability sector. She spent 10 years in the nonprofit sector working on projects involving indigenous cultural preservation, environmental sustainability, and social enterprise. She currently works at a Bay Area enterprise cloud computing company, where she works on viral marketing campaigns and sponsoring nonprofits. Follow Lorna on Twitter @lornali. Connect with Lorna on Linkedin. Connect with Lorna on Facebook.