Green Marketing

Re-Visiting Contemporary Issues in Green/Ethical Marketing: A Call for Papers by Journal of Marketing Management

The Journal of Marketing Management is making a call for papers re-visiting Green/Ethical Marketing practices facing the contemporary markets for publication in March 2012.

Who Is Your Next Brand Ambassador?

The enneagram profiling system provides nine profiles/types of consumers based on emotional behavior. It will enable you to quickly identify your company’s customer types and effectively find the best brand ambassadors.

Creating Competitive Advantage Through Sustainability

I recently published a post on Triple Pundit that fleshes out the market-facing aspects of a model I’ve been working on with The FairRidge Group. Called the Sustainability Management Maturity Model (SM3), it’s a tool to help businesses assess their readiness to address business sustainability challenges and opportunities. The internal management components were outlined a few months ago on Triple Pundit – Strategy, Organization, Process, Measurement and People – which all relate to an inside-out perspective of the business.

How to Sell Green Marketing To Your Boss

Throughout the years, I have encountered many people who wanted to go green, but couldn’t sell the eco approach to the executive team. I believe most managers are simply not aware of what green marketing is, and why it’s better than traditional, non-green marketing.

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