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Women’s History Month: The Green Economy – An Opportunity for Women to Excel

Over the past few months, numerous articles have popped up raising the alarm bell that the stimulus package, with its emphasis on green jobs and infrastructure will short-change women. I disagree. I see it as an opportunity for women to change the playing field. Additionally, I believe that these critics have overlooked the fact that stimulus funds have been allocated for education and healthcare – both fields dominated by women.

National Green Jobs Training Program Established for Veterans

Veterans Green Jobs, a nonprofit organization, has set up a national initiative designed to reengage military service veterans by training them and getting them work in the areas of reversing deteriorating environmental conditions, dealing with client climate change threats and working in the sustainable energy sectors. The centerpiece of this initiative is a training program called the Veterans Green Jobs Academy.

Where The Jobs Are – Interactive Tools Tells You Where to Look

Where The Jobs Are – Interactive Tools Tells You Where to Look

The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) recently published an online map that identifies and profiles more than 1,200 companies in key manufacturing states that they see as poised create new jobs when Congress passes a cap on global warming pollution. The interactive map spotlights companies located in manufacturing regions, including those in communities in the rust belt and coal country.

The Stimulus Bill Includes Numerous Green Initiatives – Find Out Exactly What They Are

The economic recovery package contains $78.6 billion in clean energy, energy efficiency, environmental and green transportation funding. There are also energy-related tax incentives. Prior to signing the bill, Obama spoke of how the United States can now convert crisis into opportunity, like making the country more energy efficient, and how he would like to see the nation’s amount of renewable energy doubled in the next three years.

Sturdy Roots Green Business Executive Survey Reveals High Interest in Networking

In February, Dan Smollen over at Sturdy Roots polled green executives to find out their interest in participate in live seminars and webinars, attending networking events and in enrolling in courses designed to develop their green skills. I little under 100 executives participated and they released their results earlier this week, with 100% of participants saying that they would attend networking events.b

Housing Secretary Donovan and Energy Secretary Chu Announce a Major Partnership to Use Stimulus Funds to Create Green Jobs

Last week, Housing Secretary Shaun Donovan and Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced a major partnership between their departments that will use $16 billion in funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to help create green jobs and to make it easier for families to weatherize their homes. The program is also designed to spur a new home energy efficiency industry that could create tens of thousands of jobs.

Vice President Joe Biden Convenes First Middle Class Task Force Meeting on Green Jobs

Creating green jobs is the first order of business for the White House Task Force on Middle Class Families.  Led by Vice President Joe Biden, the Task Force held its inaugural meeting on Friday in Philadelphia at the University of Pennsylvania. “At a time when good jobs and good wages are harder and harder to […]

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