Green Collar Jobs Report Forecasts 37 Million Jobs from Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in U.S. by 2030

American Solar Energy Society recently released a report on the renewable energy and energy efficiency or RE&EE industries in the US and Colorado. For 2007, the U.S renewable energy and energy efficiency (RE&EE) industries generated $1,045 billion in sales and created over 9 million jobs. The U.S. RE&EE revenues represent substantially more than the combined 2007 sales of the three largest U.S. corporations — Wal-Mart, ExxonMobil, and GM ($905 billion).

German Company Investing $1 Billion in Solar Energy Plant in Tennessee

Wacker Chemie AG will build a $1 billion plant in southeastern Tennessee that is estimated to create 500 green collar jobs in the region to manufacture hyperpure polycrystalline silicon, primary material used in the manufacture of solar panels. The company has purchased a 550-acre site about 30 miles northeast of Chattanooga. purchasing the site in Chattanooga will enable it to quickly build up its production capacity outside of the Euro zone in order to meet the projected growth in demand for solar cell feedstock in the US market.

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